Should you get the PS4 Remote Play app for your PC this Christmas

Christmas is here, time for presents, but you have no clue on what to get. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to help you out.

ps4 remote play

I’ve always wanted to play my PS4 on my PC and let my family members watch the TV. Well, this became recently possible by a developer who goes by the name Twisted. You can check out his website where you can purchase this app at
Well, this app is a must buy, it comes at a super cheap price which is just below 10$ (6.50GBP) and for this price, it is a total value for money.

Let me begin with the installation of the app, which is super easy and Twisted has its instructions on his website which I mentioned above. This app has many new features to come that will make it a better user experience.
The app runs very smoothly when its on wireless, it has a few hiccups here and there but Twisted recommends a wired connection, which according to me it worked as smooth as butter. I could play GTA 5 & Star Wars: Battlefront without any hiccups. You can also read hackinformer review of it when it first released here.

All apps have a ‘make it or break it factor’ which is customer support, goes by an amazing 10/10. Whenever I had any issue, Twisted, the developer was always there to help me, and resolve my queries.

This app has lots more features to come in its upcoming updates:
→ Update make it more user friendly and have an easier setup
→ Update to make direct PSN sign in
→ A complete code rewrite for better functionality
→ Better input i.e better mouse controls, keyboard etc
→ Adjusting the screen resolution in a better format
→ Multiple user accounts & lots more!

This is something you should get yourselves for Christmas without a doubt and I totally recommend it.



  1. So how much did Twisted89 pay you to write this article?
    Sony is coming out with a FREE version of this remote play app, AND it will work on Mac and PC.
    Don’t waste your time or money, guys; this user-made app is COMPLETE beta crap.

    • Twisted paid me nothing, this is just an honest review. Sony is going to take a while to release their remote play app, till then, we gotta handle it. Though I respect your personal opinion.

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