Hykem has a christmas present exploit for WiiU consoles up to FW 5.5.0

Some of you may have already read about developer Hykem in other posts, about working on hacking different consoles. But for this Christmas, he announced an IOSU exploit for the Wii U ranging from Firmware 2.0.0 to 5.5.0 so that the new Kernel Exploit doesn’t have to be released just yet 😉wii-u-Hack-me

If you don’t know what IOSU is, don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was at first either. IOSU is basically the core of the system that is running on your Wii U that manages the security checks, everything code, and driver related on the system. If something doesn’t match up it gives an iosPanic() and restarts the console. Having the IOSU hacked sure is a big deal and could prove to be more helpful than “just” a kernel exploit. If you need more information about IOSU you can check out WiiUBrew it has a lot of information about this type of stuff 😉

Now take this news with a grain salt because Hykem said that he will try to get everything ready for a Christmas release, but he also said that he don’t know if it will be finished exactly on Christmas. The Exploit will need t be ported to different Firmwares first so you will most likely have to wait until the exploit gets ported to your Firmware version or update to a Firmware that already has the exploit ported to it. He wants to add a function to it so that people can’t accidently update their Wii U above 5.5.0 and obfuscate the exploit so that Nintendo will have a harder time patching it

Here’s the full post of what Hykem said:

Time to clear the air again. :rolleyes:
The following statements are facts:
– I have successfully compromised the Wii U’s IOSU;
– The exploit being used works from 2.0.0 up to 5.5.0, but it obviously needs to be ported for each firmware;
– The exploit doesn’t need PPC kernel access, so the new kernel exploit won’t have to be released.
I want to do some kind of Christmas surprise yes, but take that with a grain of salt. I can’t promise I will have the time to get everything ready by then and I’m not disclosing what will be released.
Keep in mind that releasing the exploit “as-is” is pointless, so it will have to be ported first and most likely obfuscated so it will take a little longer to patch. It’s also worth noting that I will have to develop an easy way to block updates so no one updates past 5.5.0 by accident.
If you don’t believe in anything stated above, that’s not my problem. The best (and easiest) thing to do is wait and see.

I’m looking forward to what this hack will allow people to do with their Wii U and how many people will brick their Wii Us by messing with stuff they shouldn’t touch 😉

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