Easy to use tools and guide for making BGM for custom themes on the PSVita/PSTV

Sometimes I still have issues making BGM for my custom themes but luckily one of our members named JonJun on our forums has made some very easy to use tools and a guide for everyone. I figure I would point out this post to everyone as its helped me and our members with making BGM for those custom themes on the PSVita and PSTV.2015-12-09-190608

Here’s a little gift from me, I’ve updated my ATRAC9 Automator tool.

Drag and drop any kind* of audio file(s) to the executable.
*mp3, m4a, ac3, ogg, wav, webm, flac, at9, etc..

As I’ve tested as much, only the following configuration pairs are supported by at9tool :
Bitrate: 192, 168, 144, 120, 96, 72 [kbps] Sampling rate: 48000 [Hz]

There are two versions:
A. Added support for multi-codec dynamic batch processing.
B. Added support for multi-codec dynamic batch processing + youtube parser.

Download: Version A
Download: Version B

  1. For parsing wav, m4a, mp3, etc. to at9, just drag and drop files(s) to this executable.

This Automator tool will process the files format and parse it all accordingly.

Just be sure to place this executable on the same directory for the files to be parsed.

If you wanted to decode atrac9 back to wav, it will too parse it back for you.


  1. For developers and alike, this tool also supports command-line parameters just for you.

To view the supported cmdl commands, view help by “-h, -help, –h, –help, /?”.


  1. Before the encoding process, you will be prompted for optional manual configuration.

The default values for it are, bitrate : 192kbps; channel : 2; sampling rate : 48000Hz

To default all values, just skip by pressing enter or no.

To skip current file, input c and to skip all following files, input d.

To exit at any time, just input e or exit.

To clear screen, input cls or clear.


  1. For parsing from youtube, launch the executable or through command-line [5].

The supported links are full-links, youtu.be links, playlist links, or identifiers.

The parsed file will be final in raw wav form.

To convert to at9, just drag and drop as usual. Keep or delete the wav file.


  1. To parse from command line, input “-yt<link>” by one link at a time.

6.  You can optionally unblock this exe in the Properties by ALT+ENTER on this exe.

Feel free to use this tool to remaster or modify game audio files in near future. 😉


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