How to get GameStop & Amazon gift cards for Free, Well kind of Free

I could be wrong but I don’t think  a lot of people know about this program. Have you ever heard of Coke rewards? It’s a program where if you buy or even find Coke products and redeem those numbers under the cap or on 12 packs you can get free stuff. Just a few months ago I notice that they added GameStop and Amazon gift cards so I said let’s give it a try! cq5dam.thumbnail.694.342

I signed up to the program and started to redeem my points from any coke product I could get my hands on. I was even asking my friends and co-workers if they were going to use the points and most of them didn’t even know what they were used for. I was even taking the 12 pack points from my work as we keep a few Coke products on hand for the customers. I accumulated about 225 points and got myself a $10 dollar Amazon gift card.

If you are a Coke drinker or buy any of their products why not get a little reward for being a loyal customer. They have a lot of good rewards in their program like League of Legends riot points, $25 dollar Google Play cards, $5 iTunes, $10 Nike and many cards

One thing I can say is that the Amazon, GameStop and iTunes gift cards go fast and you never know when they will be back in stock but they add new stuff to the rewards program all the time. If you’re buying their products why not sign up as you can get other things than just gift cards. You can check out some of their rewards here and find out how it works here.

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  1. It works with europe coca cola ?

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