CTurt teases us with root FS dump, and list of PIDs for the PS4 jailbreak

Almost everyone knows about the new kernel exploit for the PS4 FW 1.76 and today CTurt teases us with root FS dump, and list of PIDs. Most of you may not know what any of this mean but to others it shows a lot of progress in this dumps of the PS4. Now a few people on twitter are warning him about these kind of teases/leaks and I agree it’s best to keep everything a secret until it’s ready to be released. A little YouTube tease is ok just to show what it can do but this is just my opinion and he can do whatever he likes to do with this work.

I’m really glad to see the progress being made and can’t wait to take out my PS4 on 1.76FW I’ve been saving for quite a while now. Here is what the dump look like courtesy of GitHub and CTurt.

  [+] Entered shellcode
  [+] UID: 0, GID: 0
[DIR]: .
[DIR]: ..
[DIR]: adm
[DIR]: app_tmp
[DIR]: data
[DIR]: dev
[DIR]: eap_user
[DIR]: eap_vsh
[DIR]: hdd
[DIR]: host
[DIR]: hostapp
[FILE]: mini-syscore.elf
[DIR]: mnt
[DIR]: preinst
[DIR]: preinst2
[FILE]: safemode.elf
[FILE]: SceBootSplash.elf
[FILE]: SceSysAvControl.elf
[DIR]: system
[DIR]: system_data
[DIR]: system_ex
[DIR]: system_tmp
[DIR]: update
[DIR]: usb
[DIR]: user
  [+] PID 0, name: kernel, thread: mca taskq
  [+] PID 1, name: mini-syscore.elf, thread: SceRegSyncer
  [+] PID 2, name: SceHidAuth, thread: SceHidAuth
  [+] PID 3, name: hidMain, thread: hidMain
  [+] PID 4, name: SceCameraDriverMain, thread: SceCameraDriverM
  [+] PID 5, name: SceCameraSdma, thread: SceCameraSdma
  [+] PID 6, name: hdmiEvent, thread: hdmiEvent
  [+] PID 8, name: xpt_thrd, thread: xpt_thrd
  [+] PID 9, name: iccnvs, thread: iccnvs
  [+] PID 10, name: audit, thread: audit
  [+] PID 11, name: idle, thread: idle: cpu0
  [+] PID 12, name: intr, thread: irq273: xhci2
  [+] PID 13, name: geom, thread: g_notification
  [+] PID 14, name: yarrow, thread: yarrow
  [+] PID 15, name: usb, thread: usbus2
  [+] PID 16, name: md0, thread: md0
  [+] PID 17, name: icc_thermal, thread: icc_thermal
  [+] PID 18, name: sflash, thread: sflash
  [+] PID 19, name: sbram, thread: sbram
  [+] PID 20, name: trsw intr, thread: trsw intr
  [+] PID 21, name: trsw ctrl, thread: trsw ctrl
  [+] PID 22, name: SceBtDriver, thread: SceBtDriver
  [+] PID 23, name: pagedaemon0, thread: pagedaemon0
  [+] PID 24, name: pagedaemon1, thread: pagedaemon1
  [+] PID 25, name: vmdaemon, thread: vmdaemon
  [+] PID 26, name: bufdaemon, thread: bufdaemon
  [+] PID 27, name: syncer, thread: syncer
  [+] PID 28, name: vnlru, thread: vnlru
  [+] PID 29, name: softdepflush, thread: softdepflush
  [+] PID 31, name: SceSysAvControl.elf, thread: SceAvSettingPoll
  [+] PID 33, name: SceSysCore.elf, thread: SysCoreAppmgrWat
  [+] PID 34, name: orbis_audiod.elf, thread: AoutMonitorPid40
  [+] PID 35, name: GnmCompositor.elf, thread: CameraThread
  [+] PID 36, name: SceShellCore, thread: SceMsgMwSendMana
  [+] PID 38, name: SceShellUI, thread: SceWebReceiveQue
  [+] PID 39, name: MonoCompiler.elf, thread: MonoCompiler.elf
  [+] PID 40, name: SceAvCapture, thread: SceAvCaptureIpc
  [+] PID 41, name: SceGameLiveStreamin, thread: SceGlsStrmJobQue
  [+] PID 42, name: ScePartyDaemon, thread: SceMbusEventPoll
  [+] PID 43, name: SceVideoCoreServer, thread: SceVideoCoreServ
  [+] PID 44, name: SceRemotePlay, thread: SceRp-Httpd
  [+] PID 45, name: SceCloudClientDaemo, thread: SceCloudClientDa
  [+] PID 46, name: SceVdecProxy.elf, thread: proxy_ipmi_serve
  [+] PID 47, name: SceVencProxy.elf, thread: SceVencProxyIpmi
  [+] PID 48, name: fs_cleaner.elf, thread: fs_cleaner.elf
  [+] PID 49, name: SceSpkService, thread: SceSpkService
  [+] PID 50, name: WebProcess.self, thread: selectThread
  [+] PID 51, name: orbis-jsc-compiler., thread: SceFastMalloc
  [+] Triggering second kernel payload
  [+] Entered main payload

Download: root FS dump, and list of PIDs


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