A new group of hackers are threatening to ruin Christmas for PlayStation and Xbox gamers again

If you recall last year a group of hacker named the Lizard Squad made Christmas not so fun for gamer as they shut down PlayStation and Xbox online services. The attack last year lasted 3 days, so PlayStation and Xbox gamers couldn’t get online to play their new systems or games they got. Now this year it looks like a new group named Phantom Squad is threatening to do the same thing.


This time they are threatening to keep it down for a whole week and if you remember last years attack only lasted 3 days thanks to Kim Dotcom as he offered the Lizard Squad a lifetime worth of premium Mega vouchers to end the attack. So he and everyone else could enjoy their PlayStation and Xbox Christmas gifts.

Now all we can do is hope that PlayStation and Xbox have learned from last years attack and won’t let it happen again.


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  1. Wuhuu Drama! 😀

  2. For a week?
    That’s the rest of my winter break after Christmas.
    Oh well.
    Guess I’ll play some 3ds games on Christmas instead.

    I don’t really see the point of them telling us about it in advance anyway.
    It looks like they just want attention.

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