More Information about CTurts PS4 Jailbreak aka Kernel Exploit

As some of you may know Developer CTurt announced on Twitter that he and some other developers have a working PS4 Kernel Exploit. Now a few days have passed after his first announcement and a few new pieces of information about the Kernel Exploit are known. First of all the Kernel Exploit only works on PS4 Firmwares up to 1.76 and is patched in later Firmwares so if you want hacked your PS4 you should stay on 1.76 or below 🙂 (For now)

As I already guessed in my First Post the exploit seems to be triggered through the Webkit exploit in FWs 1.76 (and below) and these tweets seems to confirm my thoughts about it:

He also seems to be able to dump the RAM of every Process of the PS4 and is working on being able to patch the RAM

But also some information of a Security Processor called SAMU have been mentioned and I’m interested how much it will block his attempts of messing with the PS4s RAM and other system parts

As for my part I don’t like the thought of a CFW that allows piracy and Aimbots (mostly aimbots) for those damn script kids in Black Ops 3 and other ego-shooters who destroy your gaming experience just cause the have a tiny **** but that’s only the bad part of a CFW. I’m rather excited about good Media Centers being ported to PS4 like Kodi (XBMC) and Homebrew programs 🙂

Source: CTurts Twitter

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  1. I don’t care either way about piracy. I won’t do it myself, but the big three makes it very hard to give any hoots.

  2. Well francis i think you will have to accept the idea people who own ps2 games can now possibly be able o play them on the ps4 via exploit.

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