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Today we are proud to present you our new youtube channel called HackinformerTV bringing you news, tutorials and more! (details below)


In the past our old Youtube channel wasn’t much used and filled with content by us (as you may have noticed). Because of too less time to concentrate on it alongside to the blog and basically the missing experience we couldn’t bring you the amount of content and quality we wanted to. We of course are aware of the potential of youtube and that it is for example alot easier to have someone explain in a video-tutorial how to perform some tricky hacks compared to a simple text tutorial.

We searched for quite a long time to find us a youtube-partner and new member to our team just like we already have on our Spanish subsidiary with SebasTorron who supports and promotes the news we bring to you in motion.

Long story short: We finally found someone, his name is JustTheRennie and he will take care of it from here and bring you all the important news and tutorials in a video! But why don’t you go see yourself?! 🙂

So make sure to subscribe to HackinformerTV on youtube now! 🙂

Thanks for your interest and Happy Holidays everyone!


About Freakler

Moin! Occasional programmer, number 2 here at hackinformer.com & creator of the PlayStationGuide. I mainly talk about console-hacking related stuff..

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  1. Yay! Look forward to checking them out.

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