PS4 Jailbreak confirmed by CTurt

As the Title says, today Developer CTurt confirmed that he and some other scene developers have a working Kernel Exploit for PS4. For the moment, we don’t know much about the exploit. We don’t know how it’s triggered, we don’t know what it opens up for the developers and we don’t know when and if it gets released.

Now if you want my guess: I think it’s triggered through the WebKit exploit on PS4 Firmware 1.76 so I would advise you to stay on FW 1.76 and below if you want to be able to have a kernel exploit on your PS4 in the Future. For the moment, the Kernel Exploit will only be of use for the developers to further explore the system of the PS4 but maybe it will allow for more in the Future 😉 .Maybe the exploit even works on newer Firmwares but because of this not being confirmed I would advise you to stay on FW 1.76 and below. A developer that seems to work with CTurt asked on Twitter if anyone has a PS4 with Firmware 1.76 so it’s most likely that the Kernel Exploit is on FW 1.76 and below:

As for my part, I don’t own a PS4 and don’t plan to buy one anytime soon but I’m really interested what will happen with this PS4 Kernel Exploit and how it will help the Developers to find out more about the PS4s System 😀

Source: CTurt Twitter

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  1. While I LOVE my PS4 I have enough exploited systems to enjoy. The PS4 is quickly becoming one of my favorite systems ever. This will be interesting to see how this turns out though.

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