GTA 5’s Christmas DLC is Nearing Release

As many of us know that every year during the Holiday season, GTA Online gets a Holiday update adding Christmas decorations, Christmas characters and its key feature, SNOW! We all know that we’ll be getting the Christmas DLC, but the question is when will we get it? Seems like a YouTube that goes by the name of DomisLive.

The YouTube showed funmw2’s post on a forum stating that tipster LondonTown2004 revealed a newly released game code. There are two new IDs that have popped up in the game files: “LOW_2_MP” and “XMAS_3_MP,” both of which are DLCs. This shows that we’ll not only get snow, but we’ll also get Lowrider cars.
The first part of the Lowrider update secretly included snippets of the Halloween surprise, and from speculations, this could be the case over here too, where both features will be delivered in one single update.

Though this news is not confirmed, but they are a large proportion of chances for this to be true, let me know your opinions in the comment section below!


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