PSVita: L2/R2 Grip Cover announced for PS Vita 1000

JOETSU Electronics, creators of a popular PS Vita 2000 accessories, decided to listen to fans’ demand and produce an L2/R2 grip for PS Vita 1000.


L2/R2 Grip for PS Vita 2000 was created to make Remote Play more comfortable and can also be used for PS1 games. It received positive feedback, our very own Rocco Cannale was praising it for comfort and response times in his review, but there has always been a big demand for a grip for PS Vita 1000.

If you remember how I interviewed Hideki Fujikawa from JOETSU Electronics, I asked him about a grip for PS Vita 1000, and he told me this:

Because developing two different kinds of products cost both more time and money, so we decided to produce only for PCH-2000 this time. We are willing to manufacture one for PCH-1000, but we’re going to determine if we do after checking sales and user’s voice.

A few months later, JOETSU Electronics held a “RT if you want” inquiry on Twitter. Their tweet was retweeted 676 times and they said they wanted to do their best so “VitaGrip production can be realized”.

That was in August.

Today, I proudly proudly present you L2/R2 Grip Cover for PS Vita 1000. As you can see in the pictures (product photos are not available yet), it’s quite different from the grip for PS Vita 2000, but I think they found a neat way to make it work.

My guess is that it will be produced in white and black, like the grip for PS Vita 2000.

l2r2gripcover1 l2r2gripcover2 l2r2gripcover3

Btw yes, the PS Vita in these pictures looks more like a model 2000, but the product itself is definitely for the model 1000.

As for the release date, December 2015 or January 2016 are the most likely. To be even less specific, we could say “this winter”.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more info!

Here are some videos showing the grip for PS Vita 2000 in action!

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