Where to get cheats/trainers, mods, and patches for pc games

We all get bored with our game consoles and sometimes play games on the PC. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot on PC gaming again and it reminded me about a great site that taught me a lot of stuff in the 90’s on old dial-up. With PC games, there are so many things you can do with them and if the community gets really big like GTA did you will see mods for it left and right. Let’s just do a quick review what game patches, hot fixes, mods, trainers and cheats are.


Game patch: A patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities[1] and other bugs, with such patches usually called bugfixes or bug fixes and improving the usability or performance.

Hot Fixes: The term “hotfix” was originally applied to software patches that were applied to “hot” systems; that is, systems which are live, currently running and in production status rather than development status. A hotfix package might contain several encompassed bug fixes, raising the risk of possible regressions. An encompassed bug fix is a software bug fix which is not the main objective of a software patch, but rather a side effect of it. Because of this some libraries for automatic updates like StableUpdate also offer features to uninstall the applied fixes if necessary.

Mod: A mod or modification is the alteration of content from a video game in order to make it operate in a manner different from its original version. Mods can be created for any genre of game but are especially popular in first-person shooters, role-playing games and real-time strategy games. Mods are made by the general public or a developer and can be entirely new games in themselves, but mods are not stand-alone software and require the user to have the original release in order to run.

Trainers/Cheats: player using non-standard methods for creating an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay to make the game easier or harder. Cheats may be activated from within the game itself (a cheat code implemented by the original game developers), or created by third-party software (a game trainer) or hardware (a cheat cartridge).

One of my favor sites to get a lot of these patches, trainers, and cheat from is a place called GAMECOPYWORLD. This place has almost everything you can of think when it comes to copying stuff/making backups. Now it’s a little old and seem to never get updated with a new look, but it always get new PC game stuff in from patches to cheats.


They have a great section of cheats and trainers,  you should be able to find at least one game you own on here. It’s a great place to look for game cheats/trainers as you can search their index to make the process a whole lot faster. Trainers are my favor as it’s an easy a quick way to cheat in pc games and only use certain cheats you want or mods that you never knew about.


Gamecopyworld has a lot of other things you can check it out but a lot of its old like the console system section, the last time I think that got updated was when the Dreamcast was out. It is still a great site to get a lot of things from and PC gaming stuff is just one of them.  I like to thank Gamecopyworld for teaching  lot of stuff and its great to see a site stand the test of time since it opened back in 1997.


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