Another Playstation Flash Sale and this one is not so great

It’s Friday and PlayStation is having yet another flash sale. This flash sale is not that great and there are barely any good PSVita games.PlayStation flash saleThese flash sales have become a regular thing and it’s either a hit or miss with PlayStation. The last flash sale was awesome and filled with all kind of great games for each system. This flash sale isn’t a total lost; here are a few games I would recommend getting.

PS4: Metro Redux $12.50
PS4: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture $8.00
PS3: BioShock $3.00
PS3: BioShock 2 $3.00
PS3: BioShock Infinite $8.00
PS3: Darksiders II $6.00
PS3: I Am Alive $3.00
PSVita: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward $10.00

You can check out the rest of the flash sale here.


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  1. lol they are never great Would never pay those prices for dlc only

  2. Actually, the only good thing about this sale is that my sister finally has Bioshock 2. She’s been wanting it for months now, so I just bought it for her. She’s overjoyed. 😛

  3. I happen to think you missed most of the good games in the article. Sure the PSP isn’t really new but they had some great games. Guess since most freely pirate that system it doesn’t count.