iOS 9 doesn’t like mobile games

Despite general positive feedback on iOS 9, it looks like latest iPhone & iPad OS doesn’t get along with mobile games, as Telltale Games join ranks of game companies that pulled their games from the App Store.

Following 2K Games (pulling BioShock 2 weeks ago) and Capcom (Ghost Trick just 2 days ago), Telltale Games also decided to pull some of their games from the App Store due to reported compatibility issues (crashing, freezing, etc.). Well, “some”, they actually removed all of them, adding that downgrading to iOS 8 (or any previous versions) will help.

Here’s Telltale Games’ full statement:

If you are running iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad, we are aware of an issue that causes missing sound or causes the game to freeze during connection, or crash. Our team is currently investigating this issue, and we hope to have more information in the near future.

Currently, downgrading to a previous iOS version, such as iOS 8.4, will resolve the issue. We thank you for your patience while we look further into this issue.

UPDATE: During the investigation, we will be temporarily removing the affected apps from the App Store while we work to resolve these issues.

The complete list of games contains The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, The Wolf Among Us, Monkey Island, Jurassic Park, Sam and Max, and the Puzzle Agent. All those games except for the Puzzle Agent can be redownloaded, according to TechnoBuffalo. BioShock and Ghost Trick can’t be redownloaded either.

That sucks, huh? I can’t imagine updating my PS Vita or 2DS and suddenly not be able to play some of my games (though it’s understandable if the game is an exploit game). Mobile gaming FTW I guess.

Source: Telltale Games
Via: TechnoBuffalo

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  1. It would be very sad if some kind of DRM related software on the OS is either eating up resources or interfering with the games. People, also sadly, pay top dollar for Apple products only to be outdone by Android in terms of versatility.

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