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Playstation 4 Showing Games You Didn’t Purchase?

Good morning my peeps! From what I can tell a while back, around firmware 1.75, Sony decided they would implement a program where they would “suggest” games to you based on your gaming preferences on your Playstation 4. I’ve noticed that in the Playstation Store there is always a section on the left entitled “Just For You” but I never paid much attention to it. Well, it seems that with the latest firmware update they took it one step farther.

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Some of us, myself included, turned on our Playstation 4 system on Tuesday only to find Destiny: The Taken King sitting on our XMB. There is one major problem with that… I don’t own Destiny nor do I own Destiny: The Taken King. Apparently Sony took it upon themselves to place games in your XMB for the sole purpose of advertising. Naturally it’s hidden behind the guise that it’s “based on your gaming preferences” which seems rather surprising to me because all of our preferences aren’t the same yet we all were hit with the same game.

Regardless of what you think, there is a very simple way to remedy this problem. All you have to do to NOT see these is go to Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and turn off Featured Content. That will stop them from pushing these on you.

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Now don’t think that it’s blasting your internet usage into outer space by downloading these games. It isn’t. It simply puts a placeholder there that, when selected, takes you to the Store and lets you purchase or rent the game in question.

That’s about all I know at this point. It seems things are getting more and more personal which means they have more and more of your information at their disposal. What will they do with it? Well, that remains to be seen.

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  1. So wait it will download the full game? Well that is screwed up for those of us with limited data plans. How they can do this is well beyond me. Thanks for the heads up. I would be pissed to find my monthly data cap blown on a game I don’t want and didn’t purchase.

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