3DS CFW Autoboot with HomeMenuHax and CtrBootManager

Yesterday you may have seen Darkamons tweet where he shows his New3DS doing a Coldboot (Autoboot) into a bootmanager and from there into rxtools.

Today I’m going to show you how to do this yourself and have Autoboot working on your 3DS. CFW WILL NOT WORK ON 9.3+

You will need:
1.3DS on Firmware 9.0+
2.Ironhax/Ninjhax/Tubehax/Ironhax/SmashHax with Starter Pack (I’m just going to say Ninjhax)
4.HomeMenuHax installer

1.Start your Ninjhax and turn on Wifi. Start the themehax_installer v.1.2.
HB Launcher Themehax
It will download and install the payload
3DS HomeMenuHax Installer
2.After the installation just exit Ninjhax. Now shutdown your 3DS and put your SD Card into your PC (or use a card reader)
3.Rename Homebrew Menu  boot.3dsx to boot_hb.3dsx. Now copy boot.3dsx and boot.cfg to the root of the SD Card and edit boot.cfg to your needs (Just use notepad).
OR you can use the “more complicated” way and hexedit the menuhax_ropbinpayload.bin file to load the CtrBootManager as menu.3dsx (Just search for boot.3dsx and replace it):
HomeMenuHax Hexedit workingAfter doing so, you need to change Homebrew Loader in boot.cfg to “boot.3dsx” and save it.

Normal Procedure: RxTools, CakesFW and HBLoader are preconfigured. For RxTools just copy the rxtools folder to the root of the SD Card and download this rxtools.3dsx (If you have problems with this Version please try this version, you only need to copy rxtools.3dsx) and copy it to the root to and change the location in boot.cfg to “/rxtools.3dsx” instead of “/rxTools/sys/code.bin”(Same works for ReiNAND) or copy Cakes.dat to the root for CakesFW. When you are finished put the SD Card back into your 3DS.
4.Start your 3DS while holding the L Button. It should now show the Bootloader Menu where you can boot RxTools, CakesFW, HBLoader or any other CFW. It will autoboot the first option (rxtools) but you can also select what to boot.
To uninstall HomeMenuHax and CtrBootManager just change the Theme to remove HomeMenuHax, delete boot.3dsx, boot.cfg and rename boot_hb.3dsx back to boot.3dsx.

Thanks to Yellow8 for HomeMenuHax, Smealum for HBLoader and cpasjuste for CtrBootManager

Helpful Source: Gbatemp

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  1. Great tutorial! but i have run into problems with rxtools it seems that no matter what i try to do it just simply won’t boot at all even by using the files mentioned above, i tried renaming it to ninjhax.3dsx and cakes.dat instead as both ninjhax and cakes load just fine but it is rxtools that i can’t get working :/

    • ignore my first post, it seems it only works after installing the autoboot themehax, the first version will not work.

      Thanks again for your awesomeness hackinformer! 🙂

  2. Hello
    After did this, I changed the theme and now I can’t access emunand. When I try to enter emunand It restarts. How can I solve it?

  3. You are the master brother, thanks for the guide