Davee’s 6.61 Infinity project update – PSP Go

In the latest video, Davee shows off 6.61 Infinity working on the PSP Go (aka the best PSP).


That means that Davee’s “permanent patch” is now working on all PSP models except for PSP E1000. Maybe you remember we talked about Infinity working on PSP 3000 2 weeks ago.

Davee also clarifies in the video that Infinity’s custom firmware will have no features, because there will be no custom firmware. Users will be loading whatever custom firmwares they choose (ME, Pro,…).

That’s why Davee will be now “working on getting custom firmwares working next and just generally heading towards a release.”

Infinity is not a “traditional” permament patch. It basically boots PSP directly into a custom firmware. Still, a permanent patch can be used only to firmware 6.20, so having a permanent patch (kind of) on 6.61 would be a big deal.

The Zett said about Infinity that it is “comparable to the 6.20 permanent patch, just better.”

Video showing Infinity working on PSP Go:

We will keep you updated on Infinity.

Source: lolhax.org

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  1. I wonder what the pros and cons of this will be compared to a for example, PSP 1000 with a permanent CFW vs this fix on a PSP 3000 that couldn’t have a permanent CFW?

  2. PSP Go the best PSP? More like second worst. 3000 is easily the best, because you only have to worry about scanlines, and you have the extra RAM. The Go can’t play UMD only games, and there are many worthwhile games not on PSN. Also, the form factor sucks and makes it more fragile. Not to mention it needs its own accessories if you want to do stuff like TV out, so that’s extra money on you. The only reason it isn’t the absolute worse is because it’s still more hackable than the terrible E1000. Actually, since that can play UMDs, maybe the Go really is the worst.

    • Totally disagree. 3000 model isn’t the best not even by chance. 2000 model was clearly the best one, since it was really improved from the 1000 model, and it didn’t have the crappy screen of the 3000 model. I prefer to play with a 1000 model with ghosting because the 3000 screen scalines are truly crap. I can agree pspgo can be the worst overall model, but 3000 screen is the worst screen of all.