Raspberry Pi: RetroPie 3.1 released

Today, petRockBlog announced a release of the new version of their Raspberry Pi project RetroPie.RetroPieLogo2015FeatImg

RetroPie is a project residing at petRockBlog, which aims to provide a comprehensive set of works that turn Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming console and allow players to easily relive their nostalgic memories . Because of that, RetroPie has gained lot of popularity since its release in 2012.

3.1 changelog:

  • Workaround for lr-snes9x-next crashes for certain games.
  • New theme installation script and excellent new theme “Carbon” which is lighter on memory than the Simple theme (no more white screen of death! – works with all systems).
  • Initial bluetooth module for pairing keyboards.
  • We now provide images for use with Berryboot.
  • Moved Super Mario War out of experimental.
  • New default lr-fba-next emulator for rpi2 owners.
  • Added lr-mame2003 (based on MAME 0.78) emulator.
  • Minor Emulation Station tweaks, reduced time to skip buttons, and improved parsing with brackets in gamelists.
  • New experimental modules – sselph’s scraper and lr-mame2010 (based on MAME 0.139)
  • Improved ps3 controller pairing.
  • Initial support for installing RetroPie manually on Raspbian Jessie and OSMC (via source only – consider this experimental for now).
  • Splashscreen improvements- can be added from samba shares, splash videos play all the way through without emulationstation cutting them off.
  • Lots of bugfixes, and improvements to the RetroPie Wiki.

First reactions to 3.1:

Raspberry Pi at Hackinformer:

Other useful links:

Here’s a video example of what you can do with RetroPie:

Source: petRockBlog

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