PPSSPP 1.1 is OUT!!! ARM64 Support and more!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence. It seems that the latest update of PPSSPP has been released as version 1.1 and it packs some nice improvements!!


If you aren’t familiar with PPSSPP it is basically a PSP emulator that will run on your PC or Android! It makes a lot of those pesky PSP games that were hard to get a feel for much better on a bigger screen.

With the latest update ARM64 support has been added along with Android TV support and a lot more! The changelog this time is double what we got in February and I think you’ll be surprised at the cool updates.

Here is the changelog:


  • Support for ARM64 on Android, for improved performance on new devices. Has some new optimizations.
  • Support Android TV, like nVidia Shield TV
  • Screen rotation on PC, useful for vertical games like Star Soldier
  • Many minor performance improvements and compatibility bug fixes
  • GPU emulation fixes like correct depth rounding, fixing text in Phantasy Star
  • Other graphical fixes like UV rotation
  • Support savestates for homebrew apps
  • Simple integrated “Homebrew Store” to download PSP homebrew apps
  • Minor AdHoc multiplayer improvements. Still many issues left.
  • Disable a dangerous optimization on ARM, causing walk-through-walls in Tenchu
  • sceAtrac music compatibility fixes, fixing noise in a few games
  • Better texture scaling performance
  • Direct3D closer in features to OpenGL
  • Works better on BSD operating systems
  • Savedata management UI


Thanks for reading guys and I leave you with a link to the official page where you can download the emulator and also get more information! HAPPY GAMING!!!



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