PSVita: How to make rebirth bubbles work with PSP ISO on any FW

A lot of confusion has been going on with these rebirth bubbles from Mr. Gas and Major Tom. So I’m going to clear the air about a few things, first this is not the easiest trick to do compared to the others. You’ re going to need a good base to use with your psp game iso/backup, as I recommend loco roco midnight carnival demo, ape escape quest demo or petz saddle club demo.

Now follow the tutorial on our guide normally, but there will be a few other things you must do too. You visit our guide here.rebith of bubble. copy

In the guide where it says FTP.ISO just replace that with your PSP game ISO. You can find PSP ISO all over the net, just use google or visit our friends emuparadise.

You could do this manually, but why when has made a very easy to use tool to make more bubbles for the Vita, you can get everything you need from them here.

Enter the info needed and you’ll want to change the basegame id, but that’s about it. Press Do It.
Copy everything that’s in the text box as seen in the picture below.bubble creator

The open your app.db that you extracted from the tutorial. Use sqlite browser and go to the tab labeled Execute SQL. Paste everything you got from the bubble generator website. Press the green arrow and then press write changes. Email the app.db to your vita and everything else in our tutorial, you can do normally. The only thing is everything now has to be changed to this, but you can rename it to whatever you want to in the Bubble Creator.


So if you use the example above your game save folder will need to be changed to VHBL01234. Then make a folder inside of the VHBL01234 save, it will need to be named vhbl and that’s it. Now just follow the rest of the step in our guide and everything should work. Just remember this is not the easiest trick to do and you may have try a few times to get it right.

Here’s a video from MyLegGuy showing you that this method does work. I Just like to say thanks, MyLegGuy and cm_pony for your help in making this a little bit easier for everyone.

Note: If you having problems with sign np, try this instead.!o810QLIA!s0RONkmh9fCflHdryHMm8Fr5tCSrgZy0T731lwJyWOs

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  1. The problem is i cannot connect to pc using QCMA ive tried on ubuntu and windows 7. Almost one and a half months of try and try still not connecting to qcma always c3-14978-9 error.. please help

  2. Please make a video 😛

  3. “loco roco midnight carnival demo, ape escape quest demo or petz saddle club demo”

    Ugggg there’s no demos on the US PS Store…

  4. I got everything working great. Now if we can only get a working ISO of VHBL

  5. Is there something missing between these 2 paragraphs because it is confusing the hell outta me lol

    In the guide where it says http://FTP.ISO just replace that with your PSP game ISO. You can find PSP ISO all over the net, just use google or visit our friends emuparadise.

    You could do this manually, but why when has made a very easy to use tool to make more bubbles for the Vita, you can get everything you need from them here.

  6. it just wont work.
    i am using world of pool as an base but the new icon just will exit after the codemasters screen.

    it also doenst show vhbl screen in the content manager instead it has this placeholder icon.

  7. There is a lot of controversy with those bubbles, lot of people say you can use it without a base but most tutorials have it as requirement.
    And the inside info before the release was that you won’t need an exploit or base game.

  8. Working great with Ape Quest Demo

  9. psp game trying to load save from memory stick, crash with error.

  10. Do u guys know any japanese game i can use this?

  11. and psp game has no configuration after pressing home button.

  12. Wait a minute. I thought we needed to run ARK or something to get PSP isos working? Whaaaaatttttt

  13. when i move VHBL.ISO into SIGNNP.bat i just get the FIXGAME folder empty ??? please someone help me ?

  14. Hi , when I try to copy ” VHBL01234 ” it does not detect my vita .
    use QCMA
    Please help

    • when you add a file in your save directory of your PC, exit QCMA and unplug your vita then relaunch QCMA and plug your vita … it should work

      • I’ve already tried.
        and not detected 🙁

        • What happens when you plug in your vita to your computer? I had probs with CMA, OCMA and QCMA .. nothing would detect my Vita so I deinstalled my vita drivers from windows 7 and pluged it back in and it worked.

          • he problem is that the vita no detected savedata folders under another name , only names ” e1cfc8d86862793d2 ” and similar.

  15. **ATTENTION – HOW TO FIX C1-2749-2 ERROR**
    Simply re-download from PSN or re-copy your base game via CMA! Activation gets fixed, bubble works!!!
    **ATTENTION – HOW TO FIX C1-2749-2 ERROR**

  16. I am on 3.51 and my data base wont dump someone please send me the email “”

    Please anyone i have done all steps except dump app.db please someone email asap thanks

  17. I keep getting C1-2738-0 when trying to open the bubble, not sure what I’m missing.

  18. when i send email to myself i cannot click the writing

    what am i doing wrong im on 3.51

    it works.
    after transfer saved-file, u must re-install base game *BEFORE* run bubble.

  20. how do we install multiple Psp games?

  21. On which step am I supposed to place the ISO I want to install?

  22. this doesnt work please help i have tested with two base games: loco demo and petz demo. both won’t work even though the iso i’m trying to launch is the VitaFTP.iso

    it got to the codemasters screen and then it just went back. Can anybody help?

  23. Can anyone confirm if this works on a PSTV? I have a US pstv on 3.35fw and when I try to launch my bubble i get the “application cannot run on pstv” error or whatever… I even tried applying the whitelist hack and no dice.

    Any thoughts

  24. I can’t sign the vhbl ISO with that tool(SignToolbySkiller104) … a cmd screen appears and dissapears too fast for reading it … I took a capture screen to that and it says System can’t find”C:/Vita” 4 times and then it says unespected bubles … the FIXGAME directory is empty 🙁

    • Make sure there are no spaces in your path to the sign tool

      Example: “C:/vita/sign tool” will give an error but “C:/vita/sign_tool” would be fine.

      • There aren’t any spaces in the path , even executing in C:/SignTool , the same message is displayed, I would like to know where the signtool is looking for the vita files …

        • It works now just redownloaded the signtool and extrated directly to Sign104Bat 😛

          • Glad to hear it

          • Sadly my base game doesn’t work I was using King of Pool – 3.51 fw the bubble closes itself after starting the codemaster screen 🙁

          • We definitively need a list of games that doesn’t work for this trick , because it’s a serious waste of time trying randomly with different Base Games

          • If it closes right after the codemaster screen, you likely need to turn on compression by setting it to 0 in the cfg file. People gotta start looking at other comments..

          • Oh my bad, that explanation is actually a comment on a different article. My apologies.

        • OK I’ll assume it’s nothing silly like forgetting to rename your basegames eboot.pbp to np.pbp and that you are then dragging and dropping your vhbl.ISO on sign_np.bat…

          That’s strange for sure. Only thing I can suggest then is to redownload the tool and extract directly to the C drive

  25. everything is fine but im confused on the step 6, someone please explain to me this step slowly. how i can put the PBOOT via the mail installer (what’s that ?). im still in 3.52. please someone answer me. thanks

  26. Anyone got these to work on VitaTV?
    They work on my Vita perfectly, but not on VitaTV. On TV they give “this application is not compatible blah-blah-blah”…

    • I tried writing emu whitelist, but it doesn’t do the thing. Besides, the basegame works, why wouldn’t the bubble?

      • Having the same problem here. Let me know if you get it to work k?

        • I’d be glad to, but I have no idea what’s going wrong.
          It is probably something about the app.db file, but I seriously can’t see the flag I can change for it to work.
          For Vita games, it’s pretty easy, gp, gb, gpc whatever it is – change to gdb and it’s okay.
          For PSP…no idea. I tried asking smart guys, but to no avail for now.

          • So Im not alone here. Custom Bubbles on PSTV (3.51) don’t start. They exit with “Application not supported”. I messed with app.db around but nothing worked.
            This should be mentioned on a news-site/forum.

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