PSVita: PKG Installer, Custom Themes, Trophy hack, PSTV white list & Re-Birth of the Bubbles for all FW

Today has been one crazy day in the vita scene, with all these releases at one time. Don’t worry we have you covered with our new and improved guide.PSVita

First let’s give a big shout out to Mr. Gas and Major Tom for making this possible. Next shout out is to long time resident freakler, has made everything so easy for everyone with all his great tutorials.

Now let’s get down to the fun stuff. If you want to bypass the PlayStation TV white list, you can visit our guide here.CO-VD5tUcAA3Tlk

On to the trophy hack and you can visit this link for our guide here. So you can get started on hacking your trophies. 🙂vita-dump-2- copy

If you would like to make the new bubbles called, “rebirth of bubbles” you can visit our guide here. Note that this tutorial is unfinished.rebith of bubble. copy

Now on to the one everybody’s been waiting for custom themes. We have a small how to make your own themes here and a guide on how to install them here. We also have some of our themes on this thread here.white and black theme

You can also make the package installer bubble on the PSVita using the EML trick to get your database file. Just visit here on how to make the bubble and how to get your database file using the eml trick here.pkg bubble copy

If you are experiencing any problems with the email not showing up probably. You can go here to our guide on how to fix the question mark bug for EMail app copy

We also have many other guides for you on THE ULTIMATE PLAYSTATION FIRMWARE GUIDE so check it out..

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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. how i can send myself e-mail ? don’t work with me.

  2. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but do the custom bubbles enable us to play psp backups?.

  3. I tried three psp games for the re-birth vhbl and none of them worked. Everyday shooter, Echochrome and Patapon 2 all said could not start application. Put the eboot in pspemu and changed both paths in the db.

  4. If I want to install bubbles for something that isn’t VHBL do I just follow the same steps but with whatever else i’m installing?

  5. ive tried signing 5 different psp games, final fantasy tactics, gta liberty city,hot shots golf 1, 1945, final fantasy duodecium. none of them work. did i get unlucky or is the eboot signer out of date?

  6. I’m following along with the guide for VHBL and when I try and open x it says “this file is not compatible with this system”

  7. Could somebody plz amswer this question for me :
    Do i need to buy a psp game to run the custom bubble ?

  8. Would this allow us to edit some stuff so the vita could be louder?

  9. Help me
    I fixing mail app vita
    I sent writer.eml but only file “?” not “image”
    please help me

  10. Just tell me one thing, how to activate ps vita?? 🙂 pleaseee

  11. I tried the rebirth bubbles and just the VHBL menu with 2 different base games and both had the same issue, could not be started. Did anyone at all get this working and if so, what firmware are you on? Anyone on 3.52 get this to work?

  12. You guys really need to finish that tutorial and explain everything, there’s too many times where the tutorial reference something from an older exploit and doesn’t tell us how to do it. I’m on 3.52, and used Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, but all the VHBL bubble does is open and then close. No message, nothing. If someone knows if I placed a file somewhere incorrectly, please let me know. I’m dying to get this up and running before Sony issues an update

  13. also, where is the love for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale? I was hoping the whitelist would’ve supported this.

    • This is all dependant upon the proper flag must be set in the SFO in order to work even with the whitelist hack. Until the keys are public or even found there isn’t anything we can do about this.

  14. Could someone who got the email thing working forward the email to me since I couldn’t get it working.

  15. I can’t fix the question mark for E-Mail App
    I sent file “writer.eml” to Vita but I only see “?” not “camera image”
    please help me fix

  16. I have a problem. I did everything right, but when you start the game displays error (C2-15413-4). Graviry Rush, LittleBigPlattent, Sonic & all star racing, Everybody Golf, Limbo (demo), DOA5 (demo)

  17. I tried Wipeout Pulse, Ape quest starter.
    Could Not Start Game
    Im guessing its an error with where we’re putting the eboot.pbp

  18. The guide is pretty much broken on the part where it doesnt specify the folder
    1.where the eboot goes if you dont have any hack ie
    Should subject line for mail be
    ux0:pspemu/ or ux0:pspemu
    2. App.db when editing it it just says change the 2 locations to where your eboot is..that makes no sense as one is to specify eboot and one is for location.. is it
    ux0:pspemu/EBOOT.PBP or ux0:pspemu/ or ux0:pspemu
    there is NO BUBBLE or VHBL folder for people without prevous hacks so its shud specify the proper file location
    3. Base file I used was pool hall pro ..which did nothing hence could u specify No blacklisted games or any game?

  19. has anybody made this work?

  20. After 4 hours, I can’t even get the e-mail to send work, the first step doesn’t want to work, I’ve tried gmail, yahoo and hotmail with different clients and nothing, it still only shows the text as plain text rather than a link that I can click on ;-;

  21. Fantastic work. I was able to get the Package Installer bubble up and running. I should work on custom themes as well when I get the time. But, how do you make at9 files? And is there a size limit? Actually, is it even possible to have custom background music on 3.18? The guide only mentions that we can only do icon replacements.

  22. No worries guys,
    all we have to do is keep calm
    wait for the guide to be finished, issues to be resolved and not update the vita.

  23. Error C0-11136-2, 3.52, Sign with APE QUEST NPEG00005

  24. The ps tv have 3.20 and allow themes but in the method #1 I dont have tbl_theme…
    Could i make one to make it work??
    also I have an originall theme (Crystal) in the ps3 and the pkg on my computer. How i can install? the ps3 dont allow to transfer and the package installer hang in “promoting” with a fail at the end

  25. currently on firmware 2.60 and every time I send myself an email no url comes up.

  26. I’m lost all save when custom bubble T_T I don’t know why T_T

  27. when i tried out the trophy editing and uploaded the updated database to my vita, all the unlocked trophies work fine, but every game now also has double the amount of trophies that it normally has as hidden, non clickable, empty trophies… 😛 any idea where i couldve went wrong or is this “normal” behavior? 😛

    • How did you get the db file to send to the vita?
      I followed the email reset and the tutorial to send the db file and always shows a question mark.
      I have rest the email app 5 times now.

  28. The new tutorial got the startup png to launch, using the included ftp iso, tried the VHBL iso too. After that it closes, and the vhbl gives an error in addition. But at least its progress. Firmware 3.52 btw.

  29. rebirth of bubbles don’t work even with last tutorial update!! everything goes righit until i open the app… and it close after see the boot logo without any error.. i’ve used Numlast and follow the guide (email read and write to filesistem correclty, i’ve edited and installed PBOOT)

  30. I’m able to get the startup thing to launch on the custom bubbles, but there’s an error shortly after.

    Same as the guy above me, Yama. (Assuming this comment goes up right after I submit it)

    Firmware 3.51

  31. At the end i send myself the “#0” file but instead i get a file with named “done” in my psvita email app

  32. The rebirth tutorial is only marked Hard because it doesn’t actually work. I say this after trying dozens of different variations with 7 different psp base games, several of which were never used as exploits (at least not publicly anyway). Good thing I had a full system backup made a week ago as well, because I eventually got to the point where QCMA couldn’t even restore one of my base game backups without my Vita throwing an error.

  33. Guys from all the comments i read here alot if not almost all the people here a mixing up steps from how to go about installing the whitelist setup to the re birth bubbles. I suggest a cleaner single tut page per exploit since many are abit slow.

  34. I can not find any psp game titleID on my app.db database :/ there is no NPEG00011 …

  35. So, I tried the new guide, VHBL01234 save was not recognised…
    So i took a savegame backup of wipeout pulse, replaced the files inside with the ones in the VHBL01234 folder.
    Succesfully copied the backup, had to change the paths in the db.
    after rebooting the vita.
    switched on wipeout pulse.. it waits for 5 seconds then gives error (C1-2738-0).
    Doubt is that it cannot read from the place we have stored the save to.. there is a forum on wololo
    about enabling write access to psp/game . ill try that out next and report

  36. Can we use PSP demos as a base game?

  37. Success… somewhat….
    using wipeout pulse i was able to reach till the splash..
    it says codemasters project
    and then closes. at least ow i know that its not abt write protection.
    will try again with signing the eboot

  38. with some more tinkering, now it closes with an error code, (C1-2749-2)

  39. trying with ape quest starter now

    • Same…. Shows the startdat then closes, well, it is some progress but what im thinking is that the eboot is not getting signed properly, will try to manually use fake_np in the cmd

  40. trying vitaFTP iso now

  41. Pkg installer only works below 3.20 not on 3.52, its just a poc for 3.52 abt custom bubbles

  42. Well, now after I see the splash screen thing, the game exists by itself.

    Probably because I’m using pool hall pro.

  43. Loco roco demo isn’t working. Shows the startdat screen and automatically closes right after that.

  44. Nope still does not work for anyone, just goes to the splash screen and exists or gives an error(tried with gladiator, pool hall, Z,h.p), A working video on 3.52 would be helpful since no one has actually got vhbl working on it.

  45. GUYS, it worked for ME AFTER SOME TRYS. in final, I used the loco roco carnival demo to un a iso of psp game (gundam battle universe)

  46. I found out that it is possible to substitute the VHBL eboot/iso for a another iso, and it works!!!!!! 😀
    Video for proof:

  47. Understood what you said, going to try it now

  48. Thanks Sherlock

  49. where do you store the VHBL01234 save?, copy and paste the hierarchy here, could you?

  50. Lets hope that sony gives up on the vita and makes it open source, which would super boost the sales and bam, profit for them and us, but no more new games then

  51. What about method how to do “Dump cartridge” and “Cartridge backup installation”?

  52. Restored vita to factory, followed steps again, getting a new error code now, (C0-9252-8)

    • Try to use another homebrew. I think vitaFTP iso is corrupted.

      • I tried VHBL iso, vitaFTP, other game iso backups, killzone, prince of persia, none of them work, SherlockGomes got a star wars iso to work, he says he will make a tutorial tommorow, so lets hope and wait


    i’m experimenting with this now
    i got a wMenu app on the vita

  54. It actullay works, the trick installs the app straightaway,

    but i have no launchable bubble on the homescreen, so i will try to route the wipeout bubble to launch this

  55. okay the only thing that works is some psp games however VHBL does not work. Also the trick has major problems which have not been mentioned.

    1.Most base games wont work. Loco roco carnival demo does work for few psp games.
    2.You Must reinstall the Base game every single time you want to add a new eboot to vhbl and then reinstall app.db via mail app(you cant use the old mail, you have to send a new mail to yourself everytime!)
    If anyone did get VHBL running please post how.

    Bubble Generator, copy paste the generated script into the sqlite database viewer, execute tab

    credits qwikrazor

  57. I got custom bubbles working with psp iso backups. I made a video…

  58. Ventrix, which game base have you used?

  59. I’ll take a look

  60. Alright guys, I got it working. I’ll tell you how.

    First off, I used the loco roco demo. Go get it, it’s free.

    Follow the tutorial normally. BUT THERE WILL BE SOME OTHER THINGS YOU MUST DO!

    Don’t use the vhbl iso provided. Download a psp iso off the internet.

    Goto this site:

    Enter the info needed. You’ll want to change the basegame id, but that’s about it. Press Do It.
    Copy everything that’s in the text box. Open your app.db that you extracted from the tutorail. Use sqlite browser. Go to the tab labeled Execute SQL. Paste everything you got from the bubble generator website. Press the green arrow. Press write changes. Put the app.db on your vita. Everything else in the tutorial, you can do normally. BUT everything that has to do with the vhbl.iso, do with your psp game iso.

    video proof, not a tutorial video:

  61. i cant step4. it seems relevant to my xp

  62. We can install the original 3.52 exploit games using this, like PHP or Rockman Rockman, wow, what an idea !!!! Then we can get ark and VHBL, no more hard work then

  63. Yup, it works, got PHP running, its sweet…

  64. I fuck** up. I just installed the last update and seems this tutorial not working…

    I’m dum I know…

  65. Sir About this page the next PSvita file Writer is bug im using yahoo in my psvita the first page with email and device is fine but the last one has no icon ive been sending multiple still no luck

  66. sqlitebrowser not starting, it displays me this:
    C:\Windows\system32\MSVCR120.dll not designed to execute on windows or contains an error.

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