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Custom Themes


There are different methods of installing and using Custom Themes on which I will get to next; (all have their pros and cons!) In the end its your choice with which method you want to go with.

However both methods #1 and #2 make use of modifiying the app.db file which makes the themeing temporary and failsafe. Once the Database gets rebuild, your custom modifications will be gone though!

Method #1 - Installing like actual Themes


[Tutorial] How to install Custom Themes like original ones with HENkaku (3.60)

[Tutorial] How to install Custom Themes like original ones (3.00 - Newest)

pro(s) con(s)
- easy to install - limited to stock icons
- userfriendly and more flexible to use - not possible for older Firmwares
- customizable UI colors/waves via the xml - not permanent

Method #2 - Manual Icon Themeing


[Tutorial] How to install Custom Themes manually (3.00 - 3.52)

pro(s) con(s)
- every icon can be customized - every icon needs to be changed manually
- not permanent

Method #3 - Overwriting activated theme files (FW 3.30 - 3.52, 3.60)


The trick here is to activate an original theme and overwrite the decrypted and temporary stored theme files in the ur0:shell/theme/ with your custom icons.

Your theme will stay permanent until you change the theme via options!

pro(s) con(s)
- permanent themeing
- no database modding - everything is gone when deactivating the theme

Note: If you are on lower firmware and got no original theme installed already, you can't make use of this method.

Tutorials & Guides Compilation

[Tutorial] How to create custom Vita Theme Packs [for Method #1] (via hackinformer.com)

[Tutorial] How to fully customize PSP/Vita Bubbles + LiveArea


Custom Vita Themes Database (via hackinformer.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

But the e-mail app is present since FW 2.00, why doesn't it work for 2.02 for example?

Some essential changes were made in firmware 3.00

Last updated:
November 28, 2017