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There weren’t many expectations for the Sony conference at TGS. After all, the Japanese show is often the stage for big announcements in recent years and due to its nature nippo-centric is handsomely ignored here. This time, however something has changed and Sony has organized a conference full of surprises for all the markets. Nothing comparable to the bombs format of E3, mind you, but it’s still appropriate to look at this recap. The advertisements are not few.

Atsushi Morita, chairman of Sony Japan has presented three new colors for the PSVITA, know for us this is not exactly hit but in Japan it has its pulls, seen with the success of portable gaming.

Then it’s passed almost immediately to Yoshida and one of the most anticipated announcements: the Bloodborne DLC. Shown with a short trailer, not without scenes and boss already seen, this expansion is called The Old Hunters, focuses on some legendary hunters and will be available in Japan November 24 (so we get it more or less in the same period). We already knew the arrival of these extras, but it was nice to have a confirmed, although it’s now difficult to say what constitutes exactly.

A bit later, a video of Minna No Golf, or Everybody’s Golf series very popular in the backwater of the Rising Sun and ready to get back on the PS4.

The most important announcement, however, came later. Finally it has returned Gravity Rush, except that initially it was the original chapter, remastered to get on PS4. It was rumored for some time, so it’s was not a surprise, but once finished the trailer appeared the long-awaited sequel, Gravity Rush 2, with a nasty surprise for PSVita owners… the second chapter will only came on Playstation 4. The video seemed quite spectacular and the title base is solid enough to trigger the desire, however, owners of psvita are very unhappy about this.

Next it was time for Ubisoft Asia, with a new video dedicated to For Honor (and of course the samurai). Focused on class Oni, the trailer showed some skill in most of the classes, in addition to re-emphasize the spectacular nature of the clashes.

Certainly we could not miss the soon after Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, with extra content dedicated to Jack the Ripper was confirmed in the season pass. We would have preferred to have it in the game, but so be it.

Then it was time for SEGA and on stage, the house has brought Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first chapter on the Playstation 4. We have said remake, not remaster, in this case. This is because Kiwami is a more complex project of the first Yakuza, with new locations and associated mechanical hardware enhanced. We are curious to see what will come of it.

Now Yakuza 6 has not seen anything, but at least it was confirmed for autumn 2016 in Japan.

Much less noise for The King of Fighters XIV, perhaps because of its new and truly uninspired 3D graphics. We would have preferred a 2D properly done, or something similar to what we saw in Guilty Gear Xrd. We hope that at least the gameplay is worthy of its name.

Three fast trailer, dedicated to Just Cause 3, Battlefront and Phantasy Star Online 2, and it is now time to Namco Bandai.

After a lot of waiting, finally it was a announced a fighting house dedicated to One Piece called Burning Blood, but the developers are not the CyberConnect, but Spike. Then it was time for Gundam Extreme VS Battle for the PSVita, and from there we move to Tecmo Koei.

Now, Toukiden 2 was expected by all, given the success of the title “Monster Hunter Style” of the software house. It was however the next trailer to warm the hearts, because after a decade reappeared Ni-Oh true vaporware starring a samurai gaijin (foreigner), which seems very close to the series for Souls difficulty and combat system. We expect new, but the idea still excites us.

Continuing with a brisk pace (and zero thunderous applause from the audience) it moved to Square Enix.

On to the World of Final Fantasy, it’s always very nice and full of well-known personalities in the series Chibi version. A little ‘more significant then the trailer for Star Ocean Integrity and faithlessness, the project that definitely has more appeal to lovers of the JRPG.

Square however did not stop. On the anniversary of the Saga has confirmed the arrival of the Saga: Scarlet Grace, while not showing gameplay, then it is time to Kingdom Hearts 2.8, another collection of titles in the series that is talked about for some time.

Another detachment at this point, was with the trailer of Dark Souls III and a volley of likely only Japan titles, including another Project Diva, and a JRPG of Tokyo RPG Factory. Even more curious 13 Sentinels instead, a 2D title with an artistic style similar to Dragon’s Crown, by always Vanillaware and developed in a futuristic time(with a giant robot).

Capcom time and then it declined with sadness. On the anniversary of Resident Evil we expected good things, maybe gameplay of Resident Evil 2 remake, and instead we found the announcement Biohazard Umbrella Corps, a competitive with high mobility and gameplay reminiscent in some ways the Devil’s Third . It seems that Capcom has not yet grasped that this is not what fans of the series want, but it’s too early to shoutout crap. It should of course try.

Spike Chunsoft took the stage with the peculiar Exist Archive instead whose gameplay hybrid, that has captured our attention for a few seconds. Not much more of course, so why then distributed titles squared with a new trailer from Danganronpa 3, difficult to understand, Dragon Quest Heroes II and … Dragon Quest Builders. Yes, Builders, a sort of cross between Minecraft and a JRPG. Go figure.

With the “big” games over we stopped here, because the last trailer was another montage of indie titles, including another rival of Terraria. Call of Duty Black Ops III showed himself in a land that appreciates it very little, and Morita concluded with confirmation of Playstation now in Japan, and a trailer dedicated to Project Morpheus, now called Playstation VR.

The final closed? A price cut of the console for the Japanese market. Not bad.

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