PSVita: qwikrazor releases VHBL update for Rockman Rockman ( JP region only)

Qwikrazor is at it again and this time he has released an updated version of VHBL for Rockman Rockman. A lot of you may say so what we already have a working VHBL, well the difference is that this VHBL should have better compatible with homebrew and emulators. RockmanRockmanVHBL

At the moment it still needs to be tested, to see how well it will work but this is what qwikrazor were talking about and he does a great job with all of this projects.

So if you have Rockman Rockman and like to try his updated VHBL, let us know how well it works for you in the comments below. Here are a few emulators you can try installing.

Download: Rockman_JP_VHBL for 3.52FW


Download: source code: 

UPDATE: Fixes Crash

Download: Rockman_JP_VHBL ver4 for 3.52FW 

Qwikrazor also could be getting things ready for Rockman Rockman as a installer for those bubbles he talked about, but only time will tell that. I also have some good news too, in my article I posted yesterday about ‘What you need to know about for qwikrazor87 upcoming kexploit and bubbles” I talked about having a surprise for 3.50FW users. Well, I can confirm that my surprise will also work with qwikrazors87 method. 🙂

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  1. When I launch it,it stuck and then got an error code C1-2858-3

  2. I tweeted @qwikrazor81 and told him about how it crashes and gets error code before this had been posted so idk…

  3. Doesnt work at all, freezes when it tries to launch the exploit and then gets the following error: “C1-2858-3”

  4. Qwikrazors new vhbl “ …” works awesome.

  5. sorry this is the right link D:

  6. Yep I tried his new v2 and it has totally fixed the crashing problem :D, great work, so far have tested PSP2600 and it works fine!

    Now to test and see if my SNES emu’s work!

  7. the only thing i managed to run was psp 2600 the other installers arent working any way to fix it?

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