What you need to know about for qwikrazor87 upcoming kexploit and bubbles.

Just this weekend qwikrazor87 announced that he will be releasing a new kexploit with Ark2 and a new bubble trick. This bubble trick isn’t really new, it’s just been private for quite some time. There’s not much I can say about it, but I can tell you how to get your PSVita or PlayStation TV ready for the upcoming release.

Ark2 psvita

Lets get this out of the way first: if you are on 3.36 or lower stay there and don’t update. The main reason is if you update past 3.36 you will not be able to write to the game folder unless you use the EML trick which could be patched on a newer firmware. If you have an old backup with all of your emulators & homebrew and you’re on 3.50, 3.51 or 3.52 you won’t have any problems running them on new firmware but if you want to add new emulators or homebrew you can’t. There is, however, one solution for new firmware users that want to add emulators or homebrew… it’s the ONEMenu by gdljjrod but it’s hasn’t been fully tested with this release of ARK2. You can read about the ONEMenu here. So, once again, if you are on 3.36 DO NOT UPDATE and if you’re on 3.52fw DO NOT UPDATE when new a firmware is released. Sony could patch them in a new firmware update and that could come at any time.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, here is what you are going to need for this upcoming release: an exploit game like, Pool Hall Pro,World of Pool, Puzzle Scape or Rockman Rockman as these will be used as a installer.  For all the people that yelled and cried about buying Pool Hall Pro, aren’t you happy you got it now. 😉

Now, from what qwikrazor87 said, these exploit should work for this bubble trick as the exploits will be your way of making the bubble. Qwikrazor87 also mentioned that you could use Pool hall Pro or World of Pool as a base.

On to using a base for the ARK2 bubble. Almost any psp game or mini should work for a base, but there’s a 50/50 chance that it might not work. Therefore, I recommend that you have more than one mini or psp game so you have more than one option if your first base doesn’t work. As for me, I have used those PSP demos you can’t download unless you can rewind time to that special day Sony made every game downloadable.

What you need for bubbles on 3.52 (and lower):
  • Pool Hall Pro (US)
  • World of Pool (EU)
  • Puzzle Scape (EU)
  • Rockman Rockman (Mega Man) (JP)

Once again DO NOT UPDATE past 3.52, when Sony releases a new firmware as the bubble trick may not work on anything past 3.52.

Once qwikrazor releases this bubble trick, I also have something very good for everyone that is on 3.50 and down.


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