Ratalaika Games releases “The Minotaur” on Steam’s Greenlight

Yesterday, Ratalaika Games announce their release of their latest game on Steam’s Greenlight, it’s still pending approval: The Minotaur. Some of you might already know what it’s about, but some of you might not, so let us explain what it is about.the minotaur
“The Minotaur” is an action puzzle game inspired on the classic MS-DOS game “The Beast”, where the player needs to kill the minotaurs crushing or enclosing them with moving blocks. The game features several difficulty levels where more powerful minotaurs appear, so it’s always a challenge to defeat them.

The game also has different game modes, so there is always something for everyone.

  • Arcade: It’s the main game mode. Players will face a series of 30 level with increasing difficulty, where their goal is to achieve the highest score while completing all of them.
  • Challenge: Players will face the minotaurs in these handcrafted maps. Players will also be able to download other players maps (coming soon)
  • Local Co-op: This mode actually exists on the original game, and we have carried it to our version. You can play with your friends on local mode so destroy those pesky minotaurs.
  • Local Vs. : We have redefined this mode so up to four players can fight each other. We are also considering adding different game modes into this one.
  • Timed: Similar to the arcade, the player need to solve all 30 levels within a certain amount of time. Killing enemies will grant more time.
  • We are also considering an online mode, with variations of the Arcade mode for players to choose from.

Below there is a link to our Steam Greenlight release trailer:

And a link to the Greenlight itself



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