PSVita: RejuveSnake v1.0 released

Well known /talk user Ruben_Wolfe today released his first native PS Vita homebrew – Vita’s first Snake game RejuveSnake.


Snake games have been around for almost 40 years and I proudly announce that PS Vita now has one native too. RejuveSnake was coded using vitasdk and xepri’s vita2dlib.


  • Move: D-Pad
  • Pause: Start button
  • Back to main menu: Select
  • Everything else in the menus is touch based.
  • Colors (RGB) can be set using either touch screen or D-Pad.



Next update:

Ruben_Wolfe plans to add some (not yet announced) features, potentially within the next few weeks.

As Im not sure Ill have the time to add all the features I wanted to untill next week or the week after(and its already been ready for some time now) I decided to publish it now and update it when I can.

How to run RejuveSnake:

  • Download RejuveSnake.velf.
  • Run it using Rejuvenate, just like always.

DOWNLOAD RejuveSnake v1.0

I think this is an amazing homebrew, as simple as it is, and I’m by no means saying it was easy to create. It’s great to have a “new” developer in the native Vita scene.

Here’s a quote from the Ruben_Wolfe himself:

This scene sure is something one should look up to.

Credits: Ruben_Wolfe + xerpi and SMOKE


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