Metal Gear Solid V: Guide to 11 Paz Photos [Memories]


In this section we will see how to collect all 11 photos to regain Paz memory and unlock the trophy MEMORIES.

Where to find Paz

To meet the sweet Paz, an old acquaintance of MGS Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes, you’ll have to build the first part of the Medical Platform in Mother Base. Visiting the medical area, go to the middle of the complex and go to the second floor to see a door with a blue light on.

Enter and continue forward to reach a door with a red button. Open it and a cutscene will show you the young Paz without any past memory. You will have to recover the PICTURE, 11 in total, which will help the small to regain his lost memories.

Where to find the Photos

Every souvenir photos will be unlocked at the end of the 10 Side Ops – RECOVER THE STRAY SOLDIERS OF MOTHER BASE. The last picture will instead unlocked separately. To find this one list with the requirements of release and the relative picture:

1 Miller and Paz-Complete Mission 51 Optional
2 Professor Galvez-Complete Mission 52 Optional
3 Paz costume-Complete Mission 53 Optional
4 Nuclear Weapon-Complete Mission 54 Optional
5 Fishing-Complete Mission 55 Optional
6 Gallo Pinto-Complete Mission 56 Optional
7 Birthday Party-Complete Mission 57 Optional
8 What-Rica Complete Mission 58 Optional
9 Chico-Complete Mission 59 Optional
10 Futbol-Complete Mission 60 Optional
11 Butterfly Morpho-Show before all 10 photos in Paz. Then go out of her room and take the last picture hanging there on the wall.

WARNING: You can not show the photos to Paz all together. You will have, for each photo, leave the Mother Base and back because she will need to rest.

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