PSVita: Update on Acid Snake and Coldbird project!

Hey guys. Just thought it would be good to get a little update article out there on this topic. Acid Snake and Coldbird are, as you already know, working on some very interesting things for the Vita.

Acid Snake

A few weeks back Hackinformer wrote an article explaining a lot of what’s going on and also adding that they were in need of a PSP3000 model and also a Playstation/Vita TV for their research and projects. Well, fate aligned itself on half of this as I happen to run into a couple of PSPs that were “broken” or I bought them as damaged. One was, luckily, a PSP3000. I tested it and determined that the only problem was a busted battery. It functioned fine aside from that so I donated it.

Acid Snake has already received my package and was very grateful. That took care of part of the problem. Now he is still in need of a Playstation TV. The firmware doesn’t matter as they will be using it to get a better understanding of the newer firmwares. I saw several of you talking about having one to donate but nobody has come through yet. Someone really needs to send one their way.

Guys, these two, along with a whole host of other devs, have put a LOT of their valuable time into making things for the community. I think the least we can do is come together and get them the hardware they need to test and develop the things we get FOR FREE!! So, with that said, if you’ll shoot an email or PM or whatever to either hackinformer or myself we will be glad to arrange things for you. You’re also more than welcome to contact AcidSnake on your own.

acid snake

This is a big opportunity as these guys have said they are looking to “bridge the gap between PSP and Vita.” Trust me when I say they’re working on some really incredible stuff that we will surely be grateful for and end up using for quite a while! If you would like to read hackinformer’s original article you can see it HERE! Also, AcidSnake has graciously released an open beta for the Ark Menu and you can find the article on it HERE!

Thanks guys and please help out if you can. We will all benefit from your generosity and who knows… you might end up testing something. Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!!

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  1. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel !
    good job guys do your best , i wish i could help but i first gotta get a PSTV for myself xD

  2. I offered I never got a response back on Twitter? I have an extra vita tv where do I send it?

  3. If there was a way to donate via paypal, to buy a new Vita TV, the money would be there in a few hours. I would be glad to donate a 5er!

  4. I wanted to donate one but Acid Snake never responded on Twitter so it got donated the Square Pusher the dev behind Retro Arch so I don’t have a spare anymore. If Sony is still selling them for $20 I’ll gladly buy another for them as I got about $27 in my PayPal account ATM but not sure if they are still on sale as it was a week or more ago they were selling them for so cheap. I only have the one I use with my PS4 now. If I can come across one for cheap I’ll contact you or hackinformer as my offer went unanswered to Acid Snake but I’m sure it was because he was lr didn’t know me or if my offer was genuine.

  5. Slightly off topic, but when the Vita gets as open as the PSP, can Rejuvenate programs just be ran natively by simply dragging and dropping the program on the Vita or would some reworks have to be made?

    I wish I had the spare coin to donate.

    • Well, when the Vita gets as open as the PSP, I’m not even sure if that’s possible, then there will be no need for rejuvenate as it’s only necessary bc we can’t run native code without the use of PSM.

      • I hope it can. I have faith in these devs. They’ve made so many great things after all. I was careful not to say “if” it becomes as open as the PSP, because I know they can do it!

        So that means that current app creators would have to do some kind of rework to their application?

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