The Vita hacking scene needs your help

Not to long ago Yifanlu was asking for help, well we need your help once again.

This time Acid Snake and Coldbird need your help in getting a few devices. Two of the systems they are currently looking for are a PSTV and a PSP 3000. If any of you have an extra PSTV or PSP3000 and wouldn’t mind donating them that would be awesome, but I know not all of us just have a extra one just laying around. So we thought it would be easier to just donate money to their paypal’s account. You can see from Acid Snake tweets that they are working on something good for everyone.

So why do they need a PSTV & PSP 3000? Well I was told by Acid Snake that they are working on bridging the gap in the vita hacking scene and making it like the psp scene was. They are talking about a whole new era in the Vita scene, as of right now all we have is UVloader which needs a pc and really wasn’t made for the user end. What he is talking about is a whole different thing, from ePS1, ePSP and another native hack. So lets help them bring the vita hacking to a whole new level.

Here’s what Acid Snake had to say..

Coldbird and I are preparing a few releases on both psp emu, psx emu and native. We have lots of projects planned. We are basically going to close the gap between psp scene and vita scene. To shape the vita scene into what the psp scene was like with open source projects and lots of collaboration, but we need a little help in getting at least these two systems a PSTV & PSP 3000.
If you would like to help and donate a little something here is Acid Snake’s Paypals or if like to donate a system you can contact Acid Snake on this twitter account too.


Twitter: @AcidSnakeDev


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  1. I am assuming they are making ark-3 for 3.52 maybe ? I hope .
    Anyway these are great news !
    If only Sony would let go of the “commercially” dying Vita and release the keys and be like “hey hackers , we are sick of this system, take care of it with these keys” omg that would the best thing that ever happened, but I doubt it , they are clinging to it .

  2. Is firmware a main thing? I got a spare PSTV 3.52 I don’t use ever. Not sure if it can help on the native side.

  3. Hey, I sent you guys an email at just a heads up c:

  4. Some really exciting news. Can’t wait to see what they’re up to!

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