Release: Vita Title Update HMAC-256 Tool

As it seems cfwprohpet is on a run lately releasing handy tools for the psvita.


Probably only a few people really noticed that he released an updated version of the EML file generator with better enhanced user interface a couple of days ago. And because I think his work deserves alot more attention here’s a little update on his current project.

His newest release is the Vita Title Update HMAC-256 Tool based on proxima’s HMAC key and code released a couple of days ago.

Proxima: The HMAC key is



What can we do with this tool?

Basically what this allows you to do is calculate the title update download links for any game/app update package with its TitleID. This for example could be used to create valid update .pkg files for PSM etc and maybe make Rejuvenate work on 3.52?! But we’re far from that as of now so please don’t get your hopes up.

This tool will probably be more of use in the future but its really nice to see it working already. 🙂

Heres the official description:

A Tool for the from proxima released Title Update HMAC Key. You either can Drop a key into the GUI, set your own path to your vitakeys folder or you use the standard one which will be “C:\\vitakeys”. Name of the key should be “title-hmac-100”. Also will the Tool hash your key and compare it against the known SHA1 value and tell you if the key is valid or not.

Have Fun – cfwprophet –

Download Vita Title Update HMAC-256 Tool here

Update: Small Patch to put out the Hashed Link as lower case.

Download Vita Title Update HMAC-256 Tool ver2 here

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