Metal Gear Solid V: TPP – Become Hero or Demon Snake

In this section we will see how to turn Big Boss Snake into a Demon and unlock the trophy HERO.


How to become Hero or Demon

Every time you pass a mission the game will give you points that will increase your fame. Reaching 150,000 points you will become heroes just unlocking the trophy HERO. But if you manage to bring the points of heroism below 0 you will become a sort of evil Demons who will grow even a horn in front. download

The fastest way to become demons is to produce nuclear bombs once have enabled the development on Mother Base. Every nuclear weapon produced lower your reputation as 50,000 points. Arriving below zero, the fragment planted in head to Big Boss will grow as the horn of a real demon. Below is a list of bonuses and penalties for the state and the state EVIL – HERO:

-Status Hero-
In addition to unlock the trophy associated objective will be possible to infiltrate the FOB of all players including those who have developed a nuclear bomb.

-Status Demon-
You will have to bring down the status that you have to produce as many nuclear weapons as possible. More you go down more the fragment of Big Boss will grow, reaching as many as 3 different sizes. In addition, Demon Snake clothes perpetually drenched with blood and can not wash them away in any shower or river. Changing dress stains are still there, except for the Special uniforms like the Cyborg Ninja.


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