Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – How to Unlock Bonuses


Here’s a few tips for carry a lot of bonuses in MGS V: TPP transferring the save data from MGS V:GZ depending on the missions you have accomplished.

Transfer Data

The process is simply start TPP, on the same console with GZ. The game will ask you to connect to the network to check your saves and download bonus.

Where to find the bonuses

The bonuses obtained will be placed in Mother Base, available after the first episode of the main story. Bonuses are represented by various resources, ranging from fuel to Materials Chemistry, and some new members being held in the cells of GZ.

To make sure that all possible bonuses are available earlier in The Phantom Pain, follow the mini guide below that shows how free the prisoners and get the most out of every mission of Ground Zeroes:

Main Mission -Ground Zeroes

POW: 5

-4 Of them can be found in the cages to the east along with Chico.

-a prisoner lies instead in the western part of the map, inside a tent. Be careful because it will be put in the program to be executed after you secure one of the two main objectives.

Side Ops – Eliminate the renegade threat

Prisoners of war: 2

People of Interest: 2

-2 Prisoners can be found in the cages to the east where he was held in Chico main mission.

-People Of interest are precisely the objectives of the mission: The Finger and The Eye. One of them patrol the central area of the complex. The second objective is instead located on the main tower of the complex, and often accompanied by two guards.

Side Ops – Intel Operative Rescue

People of Interest: 1

– The main objective of this mission is none other than Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series. You not have to do that to defend the whole mission and pull it at the appropriate time.

Side Ops – Classified Intel Acquisition

POW: 3

People of Interest: 2

-The Three prisoners can always be found in the cages to the east.

-The Easiest way to remove people of interest is to question the undercover agent then stun him and follow him secretly when he wakes up. He will take you by the soldier bald and you can take two soldiers with a single interrogation.

Side Ops – Destroy the Anti-air emplacement

POW: 3

People of Interest: 1

-The Three prisoners can always be found in the cages to the east.

-The Person of interest is instead the prisoner 12282, located in the same place where you find the main mission Paz.

Side Ops – Deja Vu and Jamais Vu

Simply go through those missions.

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