Reversing PS4 Camera with the Webkit and more

Just recently you heard about the PS4 executing unsigned code from CTurt which you can read about that here. Well today developer Bigboss (aka psxdev on twitter) has made some really good progress with the PS4 camera and the webkit.PS4 playground camera testing

Now let’s take a look back on his progress, as he has been working on the PS4 camera since 2013 and since there is no public/free drivers he had to reverse engineer it. Last year in 2014 he released the first public PS4 camera driver and here’s a quote from that release.

I had released the first public version of PS4EYECam driver. You can get full information in my PS4EYECam repository. It is the first public driver for PlayStation 4 Camera licensed under gpl.

Enjoy and remember the best is yet to come….

Well he didn’t stop there with this project, he just kept on moving forward for it. In February of 2015 he released even more information about the PS4 camera’s chip set, video modes and audio.

Chips description:

  • OV580. It is an asic from Omnivision a typical custom USB bridge solution to manage all other chip. No information or datasheet about it without signing a NDA with Omnivision. Other companies using it are Mantis Vision and Leap Motion. I have worked with others Omnivision USB bridge solutions included in PlayStation EyeToy(OV519) and PlayStation Eye(OV534) so basically it is the same work i made with other drivers for Omnivision.
  • OV9713.  Two cmos sensors well documented with full datasheet available in google.
  • AK5703. An analogical to digital converter connected with an microphone array (4). Datasheet is available.  The datasheet was very helpful to get audio properly from PlayStation 4 Camera.
  • 4g51A. An eeprom chip. It contains the initial configuration for PlayStation 4 Camera.

Today psxdev released the reversing sceLibCamera via the Webkit. The next step in this project is to incorporated into the PS4 SDK for future use in homebrew development.

ps4 cam sce

Now if you interested in any of Bigboss’s work on the PS4 Camera, I recommend checking out this blog here and check out this GitHub output.txt of the PS4 webkit controlling the PS4 Camera here.

Like psxdev says the best is the yet to come..


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