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PSVita: SMSPlusVita updated – Revitalize Edition

Frangar adds some new features to his PS Vita Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator SMSPlusVita.


Frangar decided to update SMSPlusVita for the “Revitalize” PS Vita homebrew competition on wololo.net/talk, that’s why “Revitalize Edition”. Most notable new features are savestate and Unity support.

Full changelog:

  • Lots of fixes
  • Savestates
  • Rewind
  • New font. Readable text on PSTV

How to run SMSPlusVita – Revitalize Edition:

  • download SMSPlusVITA.zip and extract it
  • transfer extracted SMSPlusVITA folder to cache0:/ using FTPVita
  • transfer roms to cache0:/ (it doesn’t matter where exactly)
  • download smsppsp.velf  and run it like usual

Additional information:

  • make sure that SMSPlusVITA folder is in cache0:/ (to have cache0:/SMSPlusVITA/backgroundsms.png)
  • all data (like saves) can be found in cache0:/SMSPlusVITA/
  • report working/not working games and other issues here
  • if you don’t know how to use FTPVita, check out Freakler’s guide
  • for more PS Vita homebrew go to Vita Dev Wiki

DOWNLOAD smsppsp.velf

Source: GitHub

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