Spoof your CFW PS3 with your PSP PSID to get back online

Some of you may have seen KanadeEngel post on Twitter where he uses a PSP PSID to Spoof his PS3 PSID and logs into the PSN Network and gets accepted

KanadeEngel and Mr.Gas pointed out that the PSPs PSID is stored in the PSPs IDStorage and can be easily used to spoof your CFW PS3 and go online. You can do this, because Sony only checks if the PSID is legit and not which console it belongs to :D. As cool as that sounds it can also be patched very easily. Now they think this is going to be patched with the next PSN maintenance, but let’s hope not.

If you want to try this, you will need:
A Hex Editor (I used HXD)
IDStorage Manager for PSP

First Copy the IDStorage Manager to your PSPs Memory Stick into PSP/GAME.
Start your PSP then your launch CFW (if it’s not a permanent CFW) and after that launch IDStorage Manager.
Tap square to dump the IDStorage to your Memory Stick and after it finished tap O to exit the Application
Now connect your PSP to your PC again and open PSP/GAME/IDStorage Manager. In the folder there will be a folder called “keys”. Open the folder and search for a file called 0x0121.bin and open it with your Hex Editor then go to Offset 0x60, that is your IDPS.

After that just copy your IDPS into a txt file, for faster access and then you can type it into your PS3 Spoofer of choice to spoof your PS3 and go online 😀

If you prefer a Video tutorial you can watch Kanadeengels Video where he shows what to do.

Thanks to Kanadeengel and Mr.Gas for this Trick 🙂


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  1. It only allows me (& joonie from team Rebug) to access the PSP PSN store at least in NA

    • I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that in some regions you get to the PSP PSN Store (Which should be down) instead of the PS3 Storefront