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Team Hackinformer recommends picking up Amiiqo at NFCGM to get a decent price and good customer service. NFCGM is an USA reseller and all stock ships directly from California, USA. Check out their site here.

It seems like only yesterday, I discovered the wonders of Amiiqo and Maxlanders. DLC’s (Downloadable Content) are everywhere and it shows no sign of slowing down. At first developers used this concept as a means to extend the replay value of your game. However, over time this content was either already in game or watered down to the point of feeling ripped off. Let’s look at Mario Kart DLC for example, there are 19 Amiibo outfits to purchase. 12.99 x 19 Amiibos = $246.81 (Not including taxes) WTF! I’m a big supporter of the big N but this is ridiculous. Amiibos are so popular, even the evil EA is jealous!!!


You can’t take all your Amiibos, even with Amiibo cases that’s a lot to carry around. Its not portable or viable to be transporting all your valuables. I for one always try to carry light as possible, it’s not fun to be tied down with so many items. I’m constantly traveling and I can’t afford to pack everything I need to enjoy my games to the fullest. Digital content has made it easier to take your gaming anywhere you want. Plus I don’t think you will be the popular one with carrying around Amiibo bags.


Nothing could be worse than someone stealing or damaging your hard earned investments. Thats a lot to worry about and these days, who has time to pack everything. I’m sure many of you agree since, I have had overwhelming support for Amiiqo and Maxlanders, I’ll get into Maxlanders at a later date. You can check out my Amiiqo joins the battle article here.


If anyone follows me @8BitBang via twitter, you know I got an interesting package. 😛 Thanks to Sandy, I was able to receive a nice sample to bring this review to you. Hopefully after this review, you will finally see the full potential of Amiiqo. Now with introductions out of the way, lets get to this wonderful unboxing.





My first impressions were, “Amiiqo is so small!!!” Wow, I didn’t expect this product to be so portable. This is nice and convenient, I can definitely see how useful this product can be. Amiiqo has nice presentation with its labeling, this is how I’d imagine retails stores would sell it. No hard plastic or scissors required to open this product. 🙂 Its really annoying that manufacturers find the need to do this, especially when they package the scissors you need in hard plastic. How ironic is that? lol. You need to familiarize yourself with terms and functions of your Amiiqo

  • Precautions

Using Amiiqo is pretty straight forward and I’ll guide you thru it if you have any doubts in yourself. Before we begin, lets discuss precautions with maintaining your backups. Anytime you remove banks you risk the possibility of losing your backups and the 10 included with your Amiiqo. Given the nature of the included Amiibos, you cannot simply restore these backups. Some are unreleased, therefore you have no option to restore these leaked backups. Your Amiiqo comes with

1. DarkPit
2. Palutena
3. Ganondorf
4. Falco
5. R.O.B
6. Link
7. Mario
8. Pikachu
9. Yoshi
10. Donkey Kong
  • Managing Banks

Banks are the backups present in your Amiiqo. Every time you scan your Amiiqo it will give you information about your banks and amount present. When you add or remove banks your Amiiqo will request to scan it in order to update the present count in available.

  • Backups:

The backups you make with Amiiqo are stored in a BIN format. These backups are stored in your Internal storage and there’s no setting to change it to the SD card. Even if you move your BIN files over to the SD card, you cannot assign banks from the SD. This limitation may be removed at later firmware or app update.

  • Lock & Unlocking:

The Purpose of these functions is to change Amiiqo’s modes. Lock mode for using the Amiiqo as an Amiibo with character select mod. Unlock mode is for adding and removing Amiibos from Amiiqo.


1. Setting Up Amiiqo

You can start off by downloading the android companion app and its available to download  here. Make sure you allow Unknown sources in your phone to install the Amiiqo apk. Be sure to activate your NFC function on your android device. Once you run the app, it will ask you to scan the Amiiqo for the first time. Once I did, it asked to update the Amiiqo firmware to the latest version. I find this very useful as the Amiiqo Team can always add more functionality, improve stability and add support for any special amiibos that may release in the future.


2. Making Backups

Let’s begin by making a backup of our own, I’ll use my Link Amiibo for example purposes.

  1. Once you scan your Amiibo of choice you have options to Dump and Unlock
  2. Select Dump and scan the Amiibo on your NFC sensor
  3. You Dump will display the name of the BIN and remember the name


 3. Adding Amiibos to your Amiiqo Collection

Now that you made your first backup, lets add it to the Amiiqo

  1. Re-scan your Amiiqo and select the option Set Bankcount
  2. Add the amount of backups your currently have, since I have just Link I’ll set the amount to 11
  3. It will ask you to scan the Amiiqo again, this will save the Bankcount to 11
  4. Now select Manage Bankcount, you will be greeted with blank file named Bank #11
  5. Click on 11 and file browser will appear, locate your BIN file and press OK
  6. Amiiqo will generate the appropriate icon for your backup
  7. Now go back to the main menu and it will ask you to scan the Amiiqo.
  8. Profit


 4. Locking and Unlocking Amiiqo

Now that you have your Amiiqo setup, let’s get ready to rumble

  1. Select the Lock option and then scan the Amiiqo
  2. This is will change Amiiqo to Amiibo mode with character selection

The Lock mode will be used with daily function to use with WiiU and 3DS. A simple click will switch banks to change your Amiibo character. When in this mode you cannot add or remove Amiibos until you Unlock it again.

  1. Scan Amiiqo and it will behave like a normal Amiibo
  2. Select Unlock and press+hold the button after the Amiiqo makes the scan sound.
  3. Now your back to Unlock Mode


My hands on experience with Amiiqo has been mostly a positive experience. Some users have reported issues with making backups of the Lucario Amiibo. This is no problem, as Amiiqo doesn’t have an icon for the Lucario backups ATM. This is a minor issue and a simple update can remedy this. I had no problem making backups and adding them to Amiiqo. Below are some examples of how Amiiqo can change your gaming experience. 🙂

I know some you have noticed, this product puts iOS users at a disadvantage. While others are probably wondering the price point of this product. Rest assure there’s good news for everyone. Team Amiiqo has announced a price drop from its early adopter price tag of $89.99 USD. The new price will be lowered to an affordable retail price of $49.99USD to all resellers soon. To even sweeten the deal, they also announced a NFC to USB accessory to use with PC. 🙂 This will fill in the gap for all iOS and Non-NFC android smartphone users. Additionally, you can even preorder the NFC to USB accessory for $29.95USD. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. Keep an eye out for my upcoming articles with another product review. Now since this was all about Amiibo I’d figure its time for another giveaway.


I have decided to giveaway the Amiibo Retro 3 pack set. All you have to do is comment on this article or retweet this article and follow me via Twitter@8BitBang . I do this stuff for you guys and its always a treat to giveback to loyal Hackinformer Fans. Good Luck to all and I’ll announce the winner at a later date using randomdotorg.


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  1. Good article!

  2. This is pretty cool. The portability factor was always a problem will large amiibo collections and this is a very elegant solution.
    How many backups can it currently hold?

  3. Pretty nice. would love to have one of these.

  4. The price changed from $80 to $50? It’ll be interesting to see where this goes…

  5. Looks interesting, does it allow downloading Amiibo online without owning them, or creating multiple backups of the same Amiibo?

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  9. This is the first time I’ve heard of Amiiqo. The price seems pretty reasonable considering it can store multiple amiibo backups and comes with some pre-installed Thanks for the review, 8BitBang.

  10. Nice review. I just got my Amiiqo last week. Although I still don’t quite understand the utility of the lock/unlock feature. I’ve been running mine unlocked and switching amiibos does not seem to be affected, splatoon and mk8 still recognize them.

    • When it comes to unlocking/locking, all that feature is, is to allow you to redump any amiibo on the amiiqo by making it show as regular amiibo, since you can’t dump it when it’s unlocked. This is so that you can backup any current data on an amiibo in use. Say you have a lvl 50 Mario and you want to use that same mario for mario party. You can lock the amiiqo, dump the smash data from the mario, then reset the Mario without any hassle since you’ll have the data on there.

  11. Amiibos yay, can’t wait to try this out.

  12. Great review of Amiiqo, i will buy the amiiqo to play most of amiibo characters

  13. Looks promising,like that fact that it’s so small , but Nintendo will not be happy about it and could potentially block it (somehow) in the future I guess

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  15. So, there’s no specifics to what the comment has to be about? Consider me entered in this giveaway.

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  17. Hi anyone else having problems with, I placed my order and paid by credit card then received an email at 3am asking for more money(not US business hours) I have emailed them but haven’t got a reply during US business hours. anyone know how to contact the local seller with the Great Customer Service they advertise?

    • I placed an order with them on Monday, sent an email Wednesday asking if they’ll be sending a confirmation of shipping email, and now it’s Friday with still no response. I took the word of Hackinformer that this is a place of recommendation with good customer service but now I’m not too sure.

      • Looks like they don’t send a confirmation email. I just checked their website again, and it now says “Shipped” under My Account. I can’t delete the previous comment.

  18. Impressive cookie.

  19. I’m just curious to know if unlocking your amiiqo is as difficult as unlocking mine. I unlocked it once after about 20 tries, then locked it after I finished, but I haven’t been able to unlock it since. Should I just leave it unlocked if I’m ever able to unlock it again?

  20. Awesome. I just wish it was a bit cheaper.

  21. This thing looks dope. I’d love to win one!

  22. Thanks for the review. I was hoping that people would review it and let people know if it is legit. I will probably end up ordering one. Thanks!

  23. I ordered one from NFCGM and received it just fine, but I do have a strong word of warning. Even though it ships from CA and they claim to be US-based with no extra taxes, the payment goes through some Chinese company called Leon’s Eshop Beijing. So even though the site mentioned nothing like that on my order that totaled $55, I was charged $62.64 on my credit statement because of conversion fees. I emailed the company but they never replied in 3 days (while claiming to respond within 12 hours), so I went through my bank and they gave me back the difference, though only because I was a good customer and not because they actually thought the other party was to blame.

    To sum up, you’ll get it just fine, but be ready to fight some shady nonsense try neglect to mention. Otherwise, pick another merchant for the new N2.

  24. Got my amiiqo load up a bin and I’m getting an error saying “the device you used is not an amiibo figure”

  25. I DO NOT RECOMMEND nfcgm. Below, in seperate posts, is the email exchange with them. They will charge you an extra 10% on top of their advertised price without warning, from an unrelated merchant. When I confront them, they bs their way around it. I can only assume the reason this sites recommends them is because they received their product for free.

  26. Cont. My email exchange, part 1. (Fyi, I ordered 2 and was charged over $112 instead of $51 each, as advertised)

    Dear merchant,

    My order number is ####. It seems dishonest to list the price for $51 usd each and then change the price after receiving card info to jump it to over $56 usd. A bit different price is maybe 1% change. This is 10%. This is If a currency change was needed, you should have done so before putting a price tag on it or left it in the other currency form. You did not list what bank you were even basing this change on. And the name under the charge isn’t even remotely close to what the email stated of “guozhihai”. My bill says “lianyin*ornamentstk” instead. What is going on here? Do I need to cancel the transaction?

    Dear [honesty1st]

    As you known, Amiiqo is a hack product , are not allowed sell in US,
    of course ,our sellers can’t use the US local payment gateways to receive the payment,
    we have to use oversea payment gateway, so, the payment transfer between oversea banks.
    And they will charge a little transcation fees,
    and for oversea payment, your local maybe charge some taxes.
    that is the reason for a little different of the order total.
    wish you can understand that.

    Best Regards

    {To merchant}
    Many sellers on sites such as ebay, amazon, or independent sites, have been accurate with their pricing in my past purchases wether it was from, usa, england, japan, or china. On top of which your site advertises it sells/ships from california, not china specifically, I have seen and purchased cheat devices in usa stores. Saying hack devices are not allowed in the usa is untrue. While I completely disagree with your logic as multiple other online retails are able to acurately advertise prices regardless of country and bank without up-charging an unmentioned 10% till after purchase, you still not address the seller name misrepresentation either. As stated before the name charging my account is not all similar to the stated name of the site, nor the name mentioned in the confirmation email used to try to justify charges. All I’m looking for is some upfront honesty.


    Still awaiting response… will post if I get one.

    • I take it you have not purchased gateway or sky carts before. Ever since Nintendo took action r4i carts this has been the process to obtain such products. This is the nature of such products and you need understand this is the only workaround these companies can do to provide people with their products.

      • I used this site because my bank did not freeze my transaction and some sites are known to do that. You are more than welcome to try other sites but realize the consequences. If your bank freezes or closes your account it’s not my fault or anyone else’s fault.

      • I have found r4i cards and the like in used game shops to buy on the spot before. And can do so today. I don’t see any significant effect by Nintendo’s complaints with those still around. Using paypal is a very realistic option for business to use which would fix the problem. Its unfortunate your bank can’t understand the charges it recieves. Maybe u should switch.

    • Email Exchange Part 2.

      Still, you have not stated why you told me why the name of the charger is completely different from what was originally stated in the confirmation e-mail. I understand you using another bank, but why lie and tell us specifically it’s “guozhihai” that will apear on the bill when its actually “lianyin*ornamentstk”?

      I never said I did not want the product. I thought it would be en route by now. I am still awaiting its shipment.

      I can compare ebay as it right now has sellers there for the n2 elite. It came up with my 1st search. I chose this site because you advertised it was coming out of California so it’d be a quick shipping. I also have ordered products from smaller sites, that tack on fees and taxes at the end, but that total was still stated before card information was submitted as they could easily calculate the results.


      • So this is part 3 below. Aparently they still can’t answer the basic question on charge name I asked in my 1st message and don’t even want to sell anymore. I never once stated I did not want the product when I paid for it a week ago. Now they refuse to ship it because I had questions and facts to back them. We’ll see if they actually refund since they won’t ship.See below.

        Dear [honesty1st],

        Ok, we don’t want speek with you for more,
        everything we should let you know already wrote in the last email.

        we don’t want to do business with you now.
        We will cancel your order and refund to you.
        You can order from ebay and amazon.

        And please don’t order from all the listed official resellers,
        becasue all stores use the same payment method like us.

        Best Regards

  27. Good article !

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