PSVita: Acid Snake releases open beta for Ark Menu

Today Acid Snake released a open beta for the Ark Menu. If you don’t remember this last Ark menu, which was very nice compared to what most of us are use to seeing check out this video.

Here is what he had to say about this open beta..

Here you go guys, arkMenu is working again (at least most of it).
Enjoy and please report bugs.

Also I will be giving exclusive access to ARK-3 to anyone who makes a cool theme for arkMenu.
Here are all the files you need to make a theme (DATA.PKG).

He was also able to get Ark working on the Sports Superbike for the PS1 exploit.  So I hope some of you want to help out and make some cool theme for Ark.


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  1. So is the PSTV going to be supported for the PS1 emulator for full sound as well?

  2. Hard to say at the moment as epsp and ePS1 are tWo different things on the vita unlike the psp..

  3. Hey! New ARK… I must redesign it! Till I find true free time I will experiment a little with the 2d Ui style…

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