PSVita Scene drama with FW files & TV out..

Earlier today you might have seen a lot of commotion on Twitter but what was it all about? Well it started off with a tweet of files then it escalated very quickly! Check out all the tweets below.

Then Yifanlu tweeted this and BAM! Twitter blew up.

Mr. Gas even put out a tweet about the file sizes and as you all know Mr.Gas & Major Tom have given us some really cool tricks/hacks for the PSVita. (Bubbles, PSTV playing unplayable vita games, Custom Themes, Memory card swap without updating, Welcome park decrypted, etc..) If anyone knows about this stuff it’s those two.. ­čÖé

It didn’t stop there though! It moved on to a different subject. Now it’s about the TV out and the PSVita.

You can see below that Wololo published an article about this TV out and the PSVita. Next thing you know it was like someone lowered the dynamite and Twitter blew up once again.

This was one of the main reasons why I didn’t want to write/talk about the TV out, because its very complicated and not consumer friendly. There’s only one place that I know of that is successful in doing TV out and they will sell you the do it yourself kit too.┬á

psvita tv out

It just keeps getting better, you might not remember Josh Axey but he is a very talented hardware hacker, and with the help of Yifanlu these two are a force to be reckoned with. These guys have dug deep into the PSVita’s hardware, software and everything else you can think of.

Picture tweet by Yifanlu


So what has katsu ever brought to the table for the PSVita scene? Other than a bunch of pictures, an exploit that’s a mini and, as we know, those are useless since FW 2.60 (I maybe wrong about the FW as that was along time ago but minis suck) and some half YouTube videos that don’t really show anything. So check out Josh Axey’s blog post here┬áand tell us what you think in the comment below..


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  1. He hasn’t proven or given anything real. Put up or shut up. The rest have given us plenty and still do. Xmsx needs to go the wayside

  2. Katsu is useless, he just posts lies, he isn’t responding to any of the tweets people ask him , he just wants attention and you guys are giving it for him, these Smiley faces he always puts are so annoying.
    Yifan, major_tom, Mr.gas FTW!

  3. xmaxkatsu is a fake until proven innocent. I prefer to put my faith and hope on the scene with proven results like Mr. Gas, Yifan, Alex, etc. Yifan did get a little harsh, but I understand his standpoint on not wanting false info. out there since it is unnecessary and creates more problems than good.

  4. My view on this… reprep does a useless article for more attention and wololo just sits back and goes along with it. Katsu might not be lying but he should have some real “proof” so this should just be over. But katsu has faked other things in the past so it wouldn’t be a suprise *cough* demo game to full version *cough*

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