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mGBA Vita Alpha released (updated)

Thanks to endrift, GameBoy Advance is finally running natively on PS Vita.


Update: I accidentally missed Alpha 2. The download link has been updated. Also, the emulator now has menus.

Today endrift released alpha of his GameBoy Advance emulator called mGBA Vita. It’s a port of his own emulator mGBA running on various PC operating systems.

At the moment, mGBA Vita is in really early alpha. Supports only 1 game and 1 save but menus are coming soon. mGBA now has menus. Audio is “mostly working”. Another planned feature are speedups.

How to run mGBA Vita (update d):
– put your roms to VitaDefilerClient/Documents/GBA
– run mgba.velf (either by dropping it on run_homebrew.bat or through VHL)

Additional information (updated):
– this is only GameBoy Advance emulator, for GameBoy/GameBoy Color check out xerpi’s RealBoy
– if you don’t know how to use FTPVita, check out Freakler’s guide
– for more PS Vita homebrew go to Vita Dev Wiki


Source: Twitter

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  1. Cool !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Since today I can not use the PSM Development Assistant, because I should update the application. It’s interesting, because there ist no update.

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