Dragon Quest Builders announced!

dragon quest builders

It seems that SquareEnix has announced a new Dragon Quest game set to hit Japan later this year. It’s titled Dragon Quest Builders.¬†From the looks of it and the descriptions I’ve seen it will be a Dragon Quest game with a Minecraft-esque spin to it.

Not much is known at this point other than it’s set to release this winter, for Japan that is. SquareEnix is notorious for leaving us out of Dragon Quest games over here in the US. Who knows if we will see this one. It’s slated solely for Sony consoles. Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and even our beloved Playstation Vita will see this game.

dragon quest builders

If I learn more about it I will be sure to inform you guys as that’s what we do as hackinformers. Love you guys and we wouldn’t be where we are without you, the readers. Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!!


Source: IGN

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  1. I’m always happy for anything related to Dragon Quest and I hope they stay true to their word for vita support.

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