Apple releases first iOS 9 public beta!


It seems Apple has finally released it’s first public beta of iOS 9 and I think it’s pretty cool for them to do so. They only recently began releasing pubIt seems Apple has finally released it’s first public beta of iOS 9lic betas of iOS.

iOS 9 will be geared toward smoothing out the changes from the last two iOS versions and will be available on all devices that currently run iOS 8. There will naturally be some additions, such as those geared toward the very latest devices, but for the most part we will just see things run smoother.

The latest iPads will get the biggest changes with multi-tasking, side-by-side split mode and more. The notes app is supposed to be streamlined to make adding links and photos much easier. Siri should be able to understand us a little better, which is a huge relief for me being in Alabama. LOL

Well, that’s about all I have right now. If you want to learn more go to the bottom of the page and visit my source article. Thanks for reading guys and… HAPPY GAMING!!

Source: arstechnica

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