3DS: Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden offers first SNES game

The overwhelming support the fans have for DBZ games are phenomenal! We should definitely continue our efforts for imports in US/EU markets. One of my favorite things about 3DS homebrew is the ability to play such imports and experience them in all their uncensored glory. Bandai Namco has announced Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden for US markets finally and with it came a pleasant surprise. You can read about my Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Demo Review here. Normally I don’t like preorders because they are usually overpriced and this business practice fuels lazy development. However, this preorder offers the first SNES title for the 3DS!!!! Ever since the 3DS was launched there have been no SNES titles to purchase and enjoy. Most people might even consider the SNES to have the most incredible library of quality games.

I can see alot of quality SNES titles being available if enough people participate in the preorder.

This will help fuel the import and SNES  demand in one swoop. Obliviously, we can’t have access to alot of games because of licensing and partnerships expiring. But there may be solution in homebrew and it all depends on the success of the virtual SNES game development. Emulators have had some success but nintendo’s official emulation is very stable, reliable and accurate. Custom rom injecting has been very popular in virtual NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance!!!! This very same practice could happen and give you access to all the SNES games Nintendo can’t offer for purchase. This is win win situation for everyone and let’s support the hell out of the development from Bandai Namco.


Once Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden drops 10.20.15 you can expect a full and complete review! 🙂 I’m sure Bandai Namco has slipped some extra goodies for all of us to enjoy.

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