First Atari Emulator for the PSVita native Hack “Rejuvenate”

Just when you thought the native Vita hack “Rejuvenate” progress has slowed down on homebrew and emulator porting or remakes it hasn’t. Developer frangar was able to successfully port over Atari Lynx emulator seen in the tweet below.

This goes to show you that the Native Scene has not slowed down, it just takes time to port or remake homebrew/emulators for Rejuvenate.  If you would like to try it out here it is all compiled and ready to go.


Here is the readme: Atari Linx emulator for the PSVita Based on Libretro Handy core (

Upload lynxboot.img and rom.lnx to VitaDefilerClient\Documents with FTPVita

Controls Digital

Joypad —> Joypad

O —> A

X —> B

L —> Option 1 R —>

Option 2 Start —>

Pause Triangle –>

Increase Size Rectangle –> Decrease Size

Download: Atari linx emulator  

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. Fantastic!! First emulator on the native vita, get this man an award!! really exciting to see this

  3. Not the first emulate for rejuvenate. That was a chip-8 emulator made by a guy called xerpi 🙂

  4. please port PPSSPP and PS2 EMULATOR.

  5. it’s just here or this emulator lag as f*** when size is increased ?

  6. PleaSe! 2

  7. Why is your download link to 1.0, when your article is about 1.3….

  8. please make tutorial on how to make the atari emulator in psvita i have everything ready but how to put the emulator and a game for it. thankyou

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