PlayStation is having a big E3 Sale

In all the commotion with E3 you may have missed out on some of the small things like Sony is releasing a 20th Anniversary Playstation 1 themed controller and headset for the Playstation 4. The next one, you might have missed out on is PlayStation is having a big E3 sale and there are some great deals. Now there not to many PSvita games in this sale but what did you expect, as there barely talked about at E3.




These prices are only available from 6/15/2015 to 6/23/2015 12:00pm and here are my top ten out of this sale would be and

Anyone of the Batman games

The Crew


Tomb Raider

Disney Infinity

Mirror’s Edge


Diablo III

Grand Theft Auto V

Infamous Second Son


You can checkout the rest of the list here 





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  1. god i wish i had open a US account instead…
    i can still do it but than i won’t be able to play my already bought games on my vita,which are all from euro account 🙁
    i know there is a work around for that…but its quite long and has to be done every time if i want to switch accounts.
    i wish my vita was more like my PS3 🙂

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