Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirmed!!

Good morning everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen already but I had to bring it out. I know you saw my article yesterday about the Final Fantasy 7 remake for Playstation 4.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

It was unconfirmed then so I have to admit even I was not excited. After hearing so many times that Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake, only to be let down by it being a hoax, I couldn’t get myself excited. That all changed last night at the Sony E3 2015 Event. They just laid it on us. I was in utter disbelief to say the least.

Final Fantasy 7 is a stellar classic that has been played by virtually every gamer since it’s release. For years everyone has been screaming for a remake of it, only to have dreams crushed by hearing that it would be easier to make an entirely new game. That’s what we heard basically every time we got our hopes up because some boob was saying that Square Enix was remaking Final Fantasy 7 in HD for Playstation 3 or Playstation 4. We always got the wind knocked out of our sails. Well, yesterday there was buzz about a remake, as there always is before EVERY SINGLE GAME CONFERENCE.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Turns out, for once, the hype was right. If you missed the Sony event don’t fret, I’ll give you the trailer we all saw. It has some of the most spectacular footage I’ve seen from a Final Fantasy game and I’ve played almost all of them. From the trains in Midgar to the way Cloud Strife looks, this game seems like it will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! The Sony executive on stage at the time, Adam Boyes, revealed the name of the game to be, wait for it, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. LOL

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Well, they certainly broke out the big guns on a creative name for it. Sony also revealed that Tetsuya Nomura will be the director while Kazuhige Nojima and Yoshinori Kitase will also be contributing. If those names aren’t at all familiar to you then what planet are you living on??? That’s about all I have for you. Sony, nor Square Enix, revealed a release date but I’m sure it won’t be in the next year or two.

Just be glad that we finally got what we’ve been begging for since the launch of the PS3 or before. I leave you with the Square Enix Final Fantasy 7 trailer from last night’s E3 2015 Sony event. Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!

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