Destiny: Xur Location, Inventory Refresh and Trials of Osiris


It’s the weekend guys, which means the Trials of Osiris vendor and Xur have refreshed their inventory. Players can find Xur in the Tower this week, chilling low-key near the jukebox lounge. He will be available until until 9am GMT on Sunday, June 14.

Here’s a look at his inventory:


Xur’s Exotic weapon, the Universal Remote, is a shotgun which can be used in your primary slot. If you’re a frequent PvP player, this set up can be ideal for you, as I have seen and been killed countless times by players rocking a double shotgun.

However, the common opinion with regards to the Universal Remote is that it’s simply a weapon for the collection, more or less something worth having in your vault to be used occasionally.

However is it something you would give your exotic slot up for (anyone unfamiliar with Destiny, you’re only aloud to equip one exotic weapon and one exotic piece of armour).

Now, here’s what the Trials of Osiris Vendor, Brother Vance, has to offer for those who are keen and ready to achieve flawless and enter the Lighthouse.



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Happy Hunting!

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