PS4 to get a new model with a 1TB HDD??

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has certified two new PlayStation 4 models, showing that Sony is planning to release new SKUs for its current home console.

According to the FCC certificate, spotted by DualShockers, model CUH-1215A will feature a 500 gigabyte capacity, which is the same as current PS4 models. Model CUH-1215B, however, will feature a one terabyte hard drive.


The second change that stands out is the new models generate 230 watts of power, as opposed to the 250 watts of the original. Amperage has also changed from 2.3-9.95 A to A.

And the new models weigh 5.5 lbs approx , instead of 6.1 lbs.

Sony has never made it hard for PS4 owners to swap in new hard drives, and you can even toss in a solid state drive for some extra speed.

Keep an eye out for Sony at E3 2015 there should be more said at that time and, of course, all the upcoming game news as well.


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