Bluetooth music combined with a light bulb!


Well, if you ever thought, boy would I like to have a light bulb that could play music, have we got a surprise for you! It seems Sony has unveiled a new combination product for Japan. Now you can listen to your favorite music via bluetooth while also controlling some light.

bluetooth bulb

This bluetooth bulb is controlled via an app on your smartphone and it seems not only does it let you play music but you can also control the light with your phone. Call me crazy but I really think this is cool.

I don’t know exactly how practical it is but, none the less, Sony apparently felt there was a market or it otherwise it wouldn’t exist.

bluetooth bulb


What are your thoughts? Would you purchase a bluetooth bulb? I’m really curious as to what you guys think the practical applications for this are. Let me know in the comments. Happy Gaming guys!


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  1. If the bulb emits red light and plays “lets get it on” i see a market 🙂

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