If you want a Playstation TV now is the time!



It seems that now is the time to pick up a Playstation TV from Gamestop if you’re looking to get one. Right now the normally $75 priced Playstation TV is on sale for $39.99! That’s right, you can pick up a Vita made into a console for your home HDTV for only $40!



You can go to this link, PSTV at Gamestop, and grab yours today! I don’t know how long this will go on so hurry and grab them while you can.

Remember, the Playstation TV can not only play PSP/PS1/PSVita games but it can also remote play your PS4.

Playstation TV

That means you can have access to your PS4 from another room in your house if the wife decides it’s her TV time and you have your PS4 connected to that TV. Get em while they’re hot! Happy Gaming!

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  1. Man… I just bought one for 79.99 🙁

  2. Man me too lol!

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